With a neutral-color exterior, you can make a statement by using bright blue or green for your front door.

How to Paint Front Doors in Greens & Blues

by Jennifer Blair

As one of the most visible features of your home, your front door helps set the tone for your exterior's look and feel. While a neutral color like white is a traditional option for a door, using a bolder color can certainly add more personality and style. For a truly striking look, though, painting your door with two colors such as blue and green is a surefire way to get your exterior noticed. The key is to come up with a plan that incorporates blue and green tones on your front door without overpowering the rest of your exterior.

Choose the Right Shades

Blue and green paint can definitely bring attention to your front door and spice up your home’s exterior, but choosing the right shades is key. The color and material of your home's exterior can help guide your choices. Bright blues such as cobalt and indigo, and bright greens such as lime and chartreuse typically work best with an exterior that’s neutral -- think white or gray -- or made of natural materials such as stone or wood shingles. If you have an exterior in a bolder color such as red, choose muted shades such as blue-gray or sage. For your door to really stand out, though, make sure there’s some contrast between the exterior color and the door shades. For example, if your house has white siding, go with darker blues and greens along the lines of navy and hunter green. For a house with dark siding in brown, opt for lighter shades such as sky blue or mint.

Paint Insets

If you have a paneled front door, painting it with a blue-and-green color scheme can be fairly easy. Choose one shade for the edges and stiles of the door and use another shade to paint the inset panels. Consider how bold or subtle a look you want when you’re choosing colors. Using a high contrast like a navy and a sage helps accent your door, while using a lower contrast pairing like blue-gray and sage gives your door a more subtle look. To create the effect, start by painting the panel insets in your chosen color. Once the sections are dry, apply painter’s tape along the edges of the panels and paint the rest of the door.

Paint Back and Front

Another option for using a blue and green color palette is to paint one side in a blue shade and the other side in a green shade. It’s an ideal option if one shade is a better color match for your exterior while the other is better match for the interior entryway. The trick for this type of look, though, is deciding what color to paint the door’s edges; you should paint the edge that’s visible to match the visible side of the door when it’s open. This depends on the direction your door swings -- in or out. Most residential doors are in-swing doors, so paint the hinge edge the same color as the exterior side of the door and the strike edge with the knobs and locks the same shade as the interior.

Go for Trim

If you want a blue-and-green color combination for your front door but don’t want too bold a look, consider painting the door one shade and the trim around it another color. It’s an ideal option if you want to add a bright pop of color to your exterior but don’t want to use it for the entire door. Instead, use an understated shade for the door and use the bolder shade for the trim. For example, paint your door a regal navy shade and use a bright grassy green for the trim.

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