Nurture her love of animals by designing a room around her best furry friend.

How to Paint a Puppy Dog-Themed Room for Girls

by Anne Goetz

Decorate your little girl's room in her favorite furry friends by using rubber stamps, paint and a special technique to create one-of-a-kind wall art. She'll be the envy of every puppy-lover in town when she hosts a sleepover in her newly paw-print-designed bedroom. A room decorated in animal decor encourages your child to love and respect animals early on and adds elements of comfort and stability in her life. Demonstrate that it's okay to care about animals by designing her room in man's best friend.

Begin with clean, dry walls, painted in your choice of color. Spread a dropcloth directly under the area you plan to paint.

Assemble your paint and supplies on the dropcloth. Stir the paint well and pour a shallow layer into the paint tray. Spread a rag next to the tray.

Dip the dog-paw rubber stamp lightly into the paint, coating only the raised paw portion of the stamp. Allow most of the paint to drip back into the tray, then dab the stamp lightly on the rag to remove the remaining excess paint.

Press the stamp to the wall wherever you want to place a large paw print. Run paw prints sparingly up and over the walls, around windows and doors. Repeat the process using the small dog-paw stamp in random places to represent the presence of puppies. Stamp the corners of mirrors, the panels on a door or even hardwood flooring if desired. If you use this technique on flooring, add several coats of sealer to seal your design.

Create original artwork for the space by gently dipping your puppy's paw in non-toxic, water-based craft paint, dabbing it onto a clean rag and pressing it onto art paper. Allow your painting to dry and frame it to hang as wall art. Make several in various colors and display them as a grouping. Use warm soap and water to clean the paint off your puppy's paw immediately.

Items you will need

  • Dropcloth
  • Dog-paw rubber stamp, large
  • Dog-paw rubber stamp, small
  • Interior wall paint in girlish colors
  • Paint tray
  • Rags
  • Sealer
  • Real puppy
  • Craft paint
  • Art paper
  • 2 to 3 picture frames with colorful mats


  • Substitute fabric paint to stencil puppy-themed curtains or a floor cloth for the room.


  • Use proper ventilation when painting indoors, and avoid painting when pregnant.

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