Figuring out if your brown dress is warm- or cool-toned helps you to choose between gold and silver jewelry.

Pairing Jewelry With a Brown Dress

by Jennifer Blair

When it comes to choosing colors for your wardrobe, brown is a powerhouse -- sometimes neutral, sometimes warm and earthy, and sometimes cool and ashy, brown clothing is a truly versatile option. That's why a brown dress can work for so many occasions. However, there's one tricky part to rocking a brown dress -- figuring out what jewelry to pair with it. The best options for your dress actually depend on what shade of brown it is, as well as the neckline, sleeve length and style, so there are actually plenty of jewelry pieces that complement your dress.

Go for the Gold

When you’re wearing a brown dress with warm undertones, gold jewelry is an ideal option because gold pieces also have warm undertones and you don’t have to worry about your jewelry clashing with the dress. If your brown dress has a high neckline, try a chunky gold chain or a long gold necklace with a large locket or pendant at the end. With a dress that has a lower neckline, a thin, delicate gold chain with a small charm is a better option. Gold hoop earrings also work well with a brown dress, as can an armful of thin gold bangle bracelets.

Try Elegant Silver

With an ashy brown dress, silver jewelry works well for an elegant, sophisticated look because it also has cool undertones. Pair your dress with your favorite silver charm necklace if it has a low neckline, or opt for a long, silver Figaro chain if the neckline is higher. If you prefer an edgier look, choose a rock 'n' roll-inspired silver necklace with a studded or spiked design. With a sleeveless, short sleeve or three-quarter sleeve brown dress, solid silver cuff bracelets make a dramatic statement. Small, delicate silver hoop earrings are an ideal option when you want your brown dress to have a simple, understated look.

Add Blue Accents

Jewelry that features blue stones or gems are an attractive complement to a brown dress. In particular, turquoise pieces pair well with earthy browns and can give your outfit some Southwestern flair. You can opt for a turquoise-beaded necklace or even layer several beaded pieces for a more dramatic look. If you want to make a bold statement, though, look for a necklace that features large, chunky turquoise pieces. Turquoise is often paired with silver too, so you can find necklaces that feature silver chains and turquoise pedants in varying sizes. A cuff bracelet with a large turquoise stone or a turquoise brooch is a subtler way to dress up your brown dress with some blue accents.

Play With Colorful Enamel Pieces

Enamel jewelry is one of the most versatile accessory options since enamel pieces are available in virtually every color of the rainbow. The jewelry works especially well with a brown dress that feels a little drab since you can jazz it up with some colorful accessories. If your brown dress has warm undertones, a bold, red, enamel triangle necklace can instantly give your look a little more pizazz. Enamel necklaces, bangle bracelets and earrings in warm colors like yellow and orange can also work well with a brown dress. If your dress has cool undertones, though, you may prefer enamel pieces in cool shades like blue, purple and green. For a brown dress with neutral undertones, you can have even more fun with color -- pair it with an enamel necklace in a vibrant shade like magenta or enamel hoop earrings in a bold lime green.

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