Have teens dress up for a theme party.

Party Ideas for a Teen Who Wants to Have a Mixer

by Nadia Haris

Teens don't need a reason to throw a party. A mixer is a good way for teenagers to get to know each other and even learn about something new. A teen party can be a casual event or a dress-up theme dinner. Games and activities help break the ice as teens work together during an exciting party.

Introduction Games

Party games that help teenagers break the ice, ensure that you won't have teens standing around by themselves or gravitating towards people they already hang out with. Begin the party with a fun game that gives even the shyest teen a reason to chat with someone new. Have each teen answer five fun questions such as: 'What would you name a newly discovered animal that has a trunk and webbed feet?' Then have each person find five people with answers that are very different to theirs. At the end of the game, everyone can share their responses with the group.

Murder Mystery

A summer evening dinner or a Halloween party makes a great setting for a 'Murder Mystery'. Explain to your teen guests that one person among them is a 'murderer,' but only two people, you -- the host and the 'killer' knows who it is. A 'murder' will take place during the party, however, the 'victim' can also not tell anyone who it is. As the host, you must leave several clues for your guests to find and figure out who the murderer among them is. Allow guests to search for clues in several rooms and the backyard to make this party game more interesting.

Mad Scientist Party

The word 'study' is not something any teen wants to hear at a party. Make learning fun by throwing a Mad Scientist party where teens can also revise some of the chemistry facts they are studying at school. Host your study party well before exam period so that teens are relaxed. Give each teenager a t-shirt that has the name of one element from the periodic table, on it. Write the description of each element on a note card, such as "I am a gas and my atomic number is 1," for the element Hydrogen. The teens must find their cards and pin it to the back of their shirts. Divide the teens into teams and play a game where each group must give as much information as possible about each element on the opposite team. Give prizes for each correct answer. You can also throw 'study parties' for biology and physics depending on what classes they are taking that semester. Keep the games at the age level of the teens.

Painting Parties

A painting party is a casual way to have a small mixer without having to plan an elaborate party. Set up a BBQ in the backyard or order pizzas for the teen guests. Tell everyone to come in painting clothes. Provide paint, brushes, drop-clothes and other tools. Put on some party music and let the teens paint a backyard fence or a room. Adult supervision is important to make sure everyone behaves and gets paint mainly where it is supposed to go. After a job well done, enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner together.

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