Teach the meaning behind the peace dove with fun crafts.

Peace Doves in Children's Crafts

by Heather Montgomery

The dove has been used as a symbol of peace and good tidings as early as the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark. As time has gone on, the dove symbol has come to mean peace and is often accompanied with an olive branch. In 1949, the International Peace Congress in Paris used Pablo Picasso's lithograph of a peace dove, and this symbol has since been used in protests and peaceful demonstrations. Teach your kids about the peace dove using crafts.

Coffee Filter Peace Dove

You can use peace doves made out of coffee filters in garlands, ornaments and wall hangings. Have your child fold several coffee filters in half and trace or draw a peace dove onto the filter, with the belly area of the dove over the fold in the filter. Cut the dove shape out of the filter and tape the middle body together to make the dove. Fluff out the wings and draw eyes onto the dove. You can string twine through the middle or attach string to the middle of the bird to make a hanging or garland.

Handprint Dove Painting

Use the outline of your child’s hand to make the body and neck of a dove and add embellishments. Coat your child’s hand with white non-toxic paint and have him press it onto a piece of dark construction paper with his thumb extended and the rest of the fingers pressed together. The thumb imprint will be the neck of the dove and the fingers the body. Add feathers to the body of the dove using white paint and paint wings out from the middle of the dove. Add a beak and feet with orange paint.

Straw Painting

Print or draw the outline of a dove onto heavy craft paper. You can add other symbols of peace to the drawing such as an olive branch. In a plate, pour out several different colors of craft paint and provide a straw for your child. Have her dip the end of the straw into a color of her choice and press the straw end onto the paper to color in the drawing. The symmetrical colored circles give the craft an interesting, mosaic-like design.

Toilet Paper Roll Dove

You can use materials you have laying around your house to make this quick peace dove craft. Remove any stuck-on toilet paper from the roll before beginning the craft. Have your child paint the toilet paper roll with white craft glue. While the roll is drying, trace wings, tail, head, beak and feet onto craft paper and cut them out. Attach the wings and tail to the backside of the roll and the head and beak to the front of the roll using craft glue. Glue the feet to the inside of the front of the roll. If you have wiggly eyes, you can attach those to the head of the dove; otherwise draw the eyes with a marker.

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