Photo shoots will be a fun activity for your teenage girl to show how much she's growing up.

Photo Shoot Ideas for a Teen Girl

by Wannikki Taylor

Your teenage girl is blossoming into a young woman and is on her way to transitioning into adulthood. Capture the precious moments at this time in her life with a photo shoot. Having the right kind of preparation will make your daughter's photos turn out perfectly and will be pleasing to you and her both.


The proper setting will provide the right background for your teenager's photo. Photography studios offer on site backgrounds with white or patterned backdrops. If you would rather have the photos taken at another location, ask the photographer if he is able to meet you off site and to scope out the area to see if it will provide the appropriate setting for a photo shoot. Local parks, the beach, your home living room or even your teenager's favorite hangout spot can serve as possible locations.


The right hair and makeup will make your teenage girl look and feel like a movie star for the photo shoot. Hairstyles should flatter her face shape and light makeup will enhance her features. Department stores offer makeup consultations to find the right makeup for your teen girl's complexion. Ideas for hairstyles can be found by looking through style magazines. Clothing should be age-appropriate. Have your teenage girl wear clothing special to her like a favorite blouse or hat.


To give your teenager's photo a more personalized feel, have her use props to represent her interests, hobbies or future aspirations. If your teenager loves to cook, consider a chef hat, apron and a wooden spoon as possible props. A teenage girl who loves acting may desire to dress in Old Hollywood glam attire like long gloves, feathered boas, pearls and tiaras. Encourage her to also use simple everyday items such as book bags or cell phones as props.


Teenagers can express themselves with the right pose for their photos. If the photo will be for her graduation, the photographer will suggest proper posture and a straightforward smile. For a more creative approach, poses should not be forced. Poses can be as natural and spontaneous as possible to showcase your teenager's personality like laughing and jumping into a pile of autumn leaves or walking along the beach. Posing categories such as having a silly face or crazy hair will add a humorous appeal to photos.

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