Use the color wheel to choose a color for your brick home's front door.

How to Pick a Front Door Color for a Brick Home

by Amy Mosher

Choosing a front door color can be a difficult task. When the home's facade is made of brick, the selection can become even more daunting. Bricks come in all hues, ranging from brown to red, so the color choices many seem endless. There is a fairly easy way to take the guesswork out of selecting an appropriate front door color that involves the color wheel. By utilizing this decorating tool, homeowners can choose a front door hue with confidence.


When choosing a paint color for the front door on a brick home, consider complimentary colors -- those that are opposite one other on the color wheel -- to create an energized appearance. The different levels between the hues often make a color scheme that is dramatic. For example, a red brick home with a hunter green door makes the entrance pop against the primary red color to give the home a colorful focal point. Use the different red brick hues as a guide when choosing the correct green, as lighter brick often looks better with a slightly higher value of green; dark red bricks lend themselves to a darker shade of green.


Analogous colors are found next to each other on a color wheel and create a more subdued and serene appearance. Using this principle, an analogous choice for a door on a red brick home would be a red/orange of red/violet hue. This warm color palette gives the entrance a harmonious result and gives the door a contemporary look. Give the door two or three coats of paint to build the saturation level, and choose a gloss finish to make maintenance easier. Pop the warm door color with a decorative wreath that incorporates the analogous colors for a crowning accent to any brick home.


Color schemes that are based on different values of the same color are monochromatic in nature. This type of color selection gives an illusion of a more expansive space, as the home's exterior is not broken up with different colors. For example, a home's red brick monochromatic paint choice for the front door would be a shade of red. Take inspiration from the variations of red in the brick when choosing the correct value and shade. A brown brick home is a good candidate for a monochromatic brown door in a hue that is pulled from the home's bricks. Punctuate the doors with shiny, gold hardware for a more formal look; add oil-rubbed bronze or nickel for a more informal appearance to give the door entrance visual interest against the monochromatic color.


Sometimes a homeowner wants a simple and timeless front door look that only neutral colors can achieve. For a quintessential stately result, choose black or white for the front door. This color selection is particularly appropriate for homes with brown or tan bricks as these colors do not have a clear complimentary or analogous counterpart. Select varieties that are a gloss formulation to make cleaning the door easier as flat paints can grab dirt and grime. Highlight the elegant color by adding chunky hardware pieces in brass or nickel. A large kick plate also adds style and visual interest. White doors can be handled in the same way to give the entrance a slightly modern look and feel. Add a pineapple-shaped doorknocker to finish the door makeover in style.

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