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How to Pin Roll Jeans

by Angela Bakke

A fashionable and flattering way to wear a pair of jeans -- from slim-fit cuts to cropped, baggy boyfriend styles -- is to pin roll them. Pin rolling is fashionable on both men and women's jeans, creating a tapered, form-fitting look that shows a hint of your ankle, boldly patterned socks, ankle boots or strappy stilettos.

Create a Simple Pin Roll

Put on your jeans and stand up straight. Start with a pair of straight-leg or tapered pants. Avoid wool pants because the rolls won’t stay. Boot-leg and wide-leg trousers don't work well for pin rolling either. Smooth the jean pant legs so the seams are straight and the same length on both legs. The side seams should hit at your ankle in the same place on both sides.

If you can easily reach your ankles, pin roll your pants while standing. If bending over is difficult, you'll need to sit down because it may take a few tries to get both pant legs right. Pinch the hem of your jeans tightly around your ankle. Wrap the flap of the extra material evenly so it lies flat across the front of your ankle. Keep the wrap tight, as it will loosen a bit once you start rolling.

Starting from the bottom, roll your first small fold -- about an inch. The first fold is the most important, as it determines whether your pin rolls stay put. If the taper holds and the first fold feels firm against your ankle, roll the hem two or three more times depending on how high you want your pant leg cropped. Repeat on the other pant leg.


  • If you're wearing an ankle boot, you want your pin roll to hit right at the top of the boot. Women, if you're wearing a pointed-toe pump, you may want your crop even higher to show more leg and create a sexier look.

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