Scratching your ring will dull the overall shine.

How to Polish a Dull Amber Ring

by Mimi Bullock

An amber ring has a natural, warm glow; but exposure to body care products and the environment can dull this jewel's luster. Although amber began life as fossilized plant resin, it requires good care and cleaning to avoid damage such as cracking. Polish amber jewelry, including rings, regularly to keep the stone well oiled for maximum brilliance and shine. If you notice discoloration or damage to the surface, take the ring to a professional jeweler for repair and restoration.

Dampen a cloth in water and gentle non-detergent soap. Clean the ring with the cloth. Never clean rings over a sink, as you could drop the ring. Wipe the soap away from the ring with a damp cloth.

Dry the ring with a dry, lint-free cloth. Place one drop of olive or linseed oil on the ring.

Place the ring in a flannel bag and cinch it close. Rub the fabric over the ring to polish it. If you prefer, you can use a flannel cloth to work the oil over the surface of the ring.

Items you will need

  • Cloths
  • Non-detergent soap
  • Olive or linseed oil
  • Flannel bag
  • Flannel cloth


  • Apply hairspray and perfume before putting on your amber ring.
  • Store amber out of direct sunlight.


  • Refrain from wearing amber when working with household cleaners or solvents.
  • You cannot clean amber with an ultrasonic or steam cleaner.

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