Host a party that celebrates the curiosity of your preschooler.

Preschool Birthday Party Ideas

by Tiffany Silverberg

Preschoolers are bit wrapped up in themselves. They are learning how to read and write their names and when their birthdays are. They are also gaining friendship skills with others and making friends. Birthday parties are the perfect opportunity to celebrate both the individual and social achievements of your preschooler.


Preschoolers are still enthralled with the idea of going to school and love learning new things. Embrace this while celebrating their new accomplishments at school with an educational party. Keep everything fun and your kids won't even know they are learning. Decorate your cake with ABC's and primary colors. Set up place cards with each child's name on the table. If your child likes to help, have him write the names. Have a craft set up that the kids can work on at the beginning of the party. Order a book that incorporates your child's name and read it aloud to the kids. Give the kids pencils, pencil cases, rulers and notebooks. This is especially fun if your child's birthday falls around August or September, when everyone is heading back to school.


If you are looking for a simple party or have a character-obsessed preschooler, host a party for him that revolves around that character or story. Check out your local party store for plates and decorations that relate to the character. Put together a simple trivia game for the kids to play. Create simple questions, such as "Who is her brother?" or "What school does he go to?" Have the kids sit in a circle and ask the questions to each child, one at a time. Help kids who can't remember or get stuck to come up with the answer. You can play games that character often likes or dance, "drive," "fly," or run around like he does. When you are ready for the kids to settle down and get ready for a cake, designed like the character, have a CD or DVD of the story or show playing for them to listen to. Give out little stuffed animals or toys from the character as favors.

Games and Activities

If you have active kids, have a game-based party. The kids can participate in simple races, tossing games and jumping games. Choose some games that are competitive and some that just challenge kids to try different activities. Bubble chasing and sidewalk-chalk drawing are fun outdoor activities. As you start to slow down after the games, teach the kids some new songs or have them sing along to familiar songs.

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