Crafts can teach your child the order of the planets.

Preschool Crafts on the Solar System and the Earth

by Sara Ipatenco

Outer space is awe-inspiring for many preschoolers. If your child dreams of blasting off to the moon or orbiting the Earth, you could paint his room to look like space or let him go to space camp. More realistically, you could hang a few glow-in-the-dark stars. Better yet, do a few art projects and adorn his bedroom with his creations.

Spaceship Crafts

Strapping into a rocket ship is an enthralling dream for many preschoolers. Make pretending to launch into outer space even more fun by making a space ship out of a cardboard box. Cut a couple of windows into a refrigerator box and then let your kiddo decorate the space ship with markers or crayons. Color a picture of Earth on one of the windows so your preschooler can really pretend he's flying above his home planet. Do a smaller scale project with a toilet paper tube. Draw the different parts of a rocket ship, such as wings, the nose and windows, on white paper, cut them out and help your child glue them to the toilet paper tube. Do the countdown together and watch him blast it into space.

Earth and Planet Crafts

Make representations of Earth and the other planets in the solar system with a variety of art supplies. Gather pom poms in a several colors and sizes to become the sun, moon and planets. Glue the pom pom planets to a piece of black paper in the correct order. Make sure to point out Earth. Give your kiddo a white crayon and let him add stars and meteorites to the solar system. Cut several potatoes in half and let your child dip them in different colors of paint to stamp them on black paper, creating a solar system. Your preschooler might also enjoy making the sun, moon and planets with different colors of clay or by simply cutting them out of colored construction paper.

Star Crafts

There are millions of stars in the solar system and they can be the focus of some engaging craft projects. Show your preschooler pictures of different constellations in space-themed books or on kid-friendly websites. Give your child a piece of black construction paper and some gold star stickers. Ask her to make a few of her own constellations. She might also enjoy naming her creations. Create a representation of the multitudes of stars in the night sky with paint and paper. Fill a spray bottle with white tempera paint and a bit of water. Let your child spray the mixture onto pieces of black construction paper. You might want to do this one outside so you don't have "stars" all over your house.

Alien Crafts

No outer space lesson is complete without the little green aliens that might live out in the solar system--at least no lesson for preschoolers, anyway. Give your space-lover white paper and green paint, and have him create a few funny-looking space guys. Provide googly eyes, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies so he can add details to his aliens. Paint a paper plate green, cut eye holes and let your child decorate it with art supplies to become an alien mask. Make one for yourself, too, and then get in the cardboard box rocket ship and blast off together.

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