Ice cream-themed activities will be a hit on hot summer days.

Preschool Ice Cream Themes

by Audrey Lucas

Wait a minute. An ice cream theme? Did a 3-year-old with a sweet tooth come up with this idea? Surprisingly, activities involving ice cream can actually be educational, not just sugar crash-inducing. With a little planning, your little one can pick up some social and cognitive skills during snack time. So stock the freezer, grab a few cones and serve up some smarts with your preschooler's sweet treat.


During preschool, kids learn to recognize letters and associate them with sounds. An ice cream matching game will help your preschooler differentiate between upper- and lowercase letters. As she matches letters on the scoops to their corresponding cones, your little one will also scoop up some letter recognition skills. You can extend the activity and and bump up your child's phonological awareness by brainstorming words that rhyme with ice and cream.


Help develop your preschooler's math skills by making patterns with ice cream scoops. Trace ice cream scoop shapes onto multiple colors of paper and work with your little one to cut them out. Then, encourage him to develop a pattern using two alternating colors. (Preschoolers are capable of identifying and reproducing this simple AB pattern.) If you're feeling ambitious, you can then work with him on developing more complicated patterns that alternate three colors or repeat the same color twice in a row.


Ice cream provides a perfect medium for experimenting with states of matter. While it may seem criminal to waste any amount of ice cream, your preschooler will learn about liquids versus solids while watching it melt and then refreezing it. Of course, just a spoonful should do the trick, leaving the rest of the bowl for you to gobble up together.

Dramatic Play

Through dramatic play, your preschooler builds her vocabulary, gains social skills and makes sense of the world around her. Combine her love for play and obsession with ice cream by setting up an at-home ice cream shop. You can use real ice cream and cones (or, if you're feeling crafty, make cones by rolling paper and fill them with balls or pom poms). Encourage your little one to play shop owner, scooping and selling ice cream to the family. You might even take the fun outside and decorate her bike as an ice cream truck (don't forget the music!) and harass the neighbors into buying some treats.

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