Jennifer Aniston with her signature bob hairstyle outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Pretty Shoulder Length Haircuts for Girls

by Danielle Jennings

One of the best things about shoulder length hair is that it perfectly merges the shortness of a medium hairstyle with the trendiness of longer hair. If wearing your hair past your shoulders has become too much or you desperately want to grow out that pixie cut, a shoulder length style may be right up your alley. If you need a little style inspiration, check out a few of the hottest shoulder length styles that are sassy and stylish.

Long Bob

When you think of shoulder length hairstyles, one style may come to mind a bit quicker than others: the long bob. This style is less extreme than the shorter version, but equally as fun and sexy. A long bob can rest anywhere from the lower neck and collarbone to the top of the shoulder. The bob's length depends on your personal preference and style needs. Additional ways to personalize this hairstyle rest on the decision of part placement. You could opt for a middle, off-center, deep side or zig zag part to finish off this look, however your face shape is an essential element in determining which part flatters you the most.

Layered Flip

Layers are one of the easiest ways to remove or add length, depending on how and where they are placed. In the case of a layered flip hairstyle, which was popularized by actress Meg Ryan, having the layers start at the shoulders gives it a medium length. The flips can be incorporated into the hair through the hair cut itself, or with a flat iron. Layers frame the face and add definition to hair, especially if you happen to have thinner tresses. Quick tip: the choppier your layers, the more flip your hair will have.

Long Shag

There are so many variations of the shag hairstyle that it becomes an almost dizzying task to narrow them all down. However, the classic shag shape is longer in the back and shorter along the sides and front. Due to this shape, this style is ideal for those seeking shoulder length hair. The placement of piecey or fringed bangs are also an attribute of the shag hairstyle because of the disheveled, rocker-esque appearance they add. Since the style has varying lengths, it takes a little longer to grow out than other medium length hairstyles, so take that into consideration before you go for this style.

Loose Waves

If your hair is already shoulder length, this next style doesn't require any additional cutting. Placing loose waves throughout your shoulder length hair is both romantic and easy, and you can achieve the waves in more than one way. If you need to get ready quickly in the morning, try twisting your damp hair at night, pinning it down and letting it air dry overnight. Unravel the twists in the morning to reveal soft, loose waves. If you're more skilled with a curling iron, simply wrap hair around the iron semi-tightly, and hold for 5 to 10 seconds to reveal loose waves that last all day.

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