Keep him interested in you by maintaining the emotion and interest.

How to Prevent Married Men From Cheating

by Genevieve Van Wyden

You and your husband got married so you could share your lives together. Your goals might have included increasing your emotional and physical intimacy while his goals might have been similar. Because you love him, you want to avoid any potential for outside threats to your relationship. Some of these threats come from within your relationship while others can intrude from other sources.

Divert Any Temptation

Whether in real life or online, temptations abound. Your husband might be no different. He will spot his ex-girlfriend, and post updates on social media. Some husbands never deleted their accounts on dating websites once they got married. Divert your husband's attention back to you by watching some steamy movies with him. The result might be a hot time in the bedroom -- with you.

Be Active in Bed

Sexual dissatisfaction is the reason that about eight percent of men chose to cheat on their wives, according to The Daily Beast. It is not necessary to know all the sexual tricks to keep your husband satisfied. Just be active in bed. Initiate some of your encounters. Enjoy them. Be willing to try something a little different. If you have already had children and your body has changed, do not worry that your husband will not find you sexy. Believe you are sexy and so will he.

Express Appreciation to Him

Your husband has an emotional life. He might not express that very well -- if at all -- but it is there. He wants to know that he is important to you, so express it freely. If he saw that the kitchen faucet has been leaking and he took a few hours on a Saturday morning to fix it, notice this and express your thanks and appreciation to him, with a smile, a hug, kiss and even a squeeze of his behind. Once you have done so, be consistent in expressing your appreciation often, says WebMD.

Don’t Highlight His Mistakes

Whoops -- he tried to give you some extra sleeping time one morning. While he was making pancakes for your children, he burned them. Do not get angry with him and flap your hands wildly in the air. Instead, recognize his gesture for what it is. Tell him, “Thank you!” Then, scrape the griddle together and make breakfast for the kids. Once he notices you thanking him more often, this might start a conversation where you can express some of your own desires.

Have Friends With Similar Values

If your husband has a friend who has cheated, he is probably telling himself that, if his friend did it, it is okay. Keep your eyes open and start spending time with couples who share your beliefs. Your husband will notice.

Date Night

Maybe your husband spends a lot of time on business trips. This means less time for the two of you to be intimate with each other. He might start missing the physical and emotional closeness and think about an affair. Reminisce about your dating days. Tell him you want to have fun with him now, even though the kids still live with you. Suggest a date night once a week. Talk about things that are important to both of you. At home, lock your bedroom door once your kids are in bed. Create a physical and emotional area just for the two of you.

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