Single moms have to juggle work, kids and a multitude of tasks.

The Problems Faced by Single Mothers

by Darlene Zagata

Life for a single parent isn’t easy, and single moms often don’t have anyone to lend a hand. You get up early and go to work after being up with your toddler half the night. Then you come home from work, cook dinner, clean the house, do the laundry and try to spend some quality time with your child before falling into bed. You’re tired, stressed and wondering when you’ll be able to find time for yourself. Just soaking in a hot bath can seem like heaven when you’re a single mom.

Making Ends Meet

One of the main challenges single parents deal with is financial difficulties. If you’ve recently become a single mom due to divorce, you and your child may have to adjust to a tighter budget. For some moms, that may mean not getting your nails done, eliminating trips to the spa or selling your designer handbags. But for other moms, it might mean moving to a smaller apartment and grocery shopping on a shoestring budget. Single moms who have never been married or previously had a live-in partner may work long hours and live payday to payday, struggling to make ends meet. Being a single mom often means less money available to provide the things you would like your child to have.

Lack of Education and Work Experience

Single moms often have to fight to get child support, and some never receive any type of assistance from deadbeat dads. Young moms may be entering the job market straight out of high school, so they face the challenge of finding a good-paying job due to lack of education and work experience. They tend to work minimum-wage jobs that barely pay the bills. Single moms also have to find child care while they’re working.

There are government programs that can help fund education for single moms. As an already exhausted mom, you’re probably wondering how you could possibly find time for school, too. You may have to enlist some help, but furthering your education can lead to better-paying job opportunities and fewer hours spent working.


If you’re a single mom, you already know there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything required of you. Single parenting and full-time work can be overwhelming. The dark circles under your eyes show that you’re sleep-deprived, and you’re probably feeling guilty about not spending enough time with your child. Stop beating yourself up and spend as much quality time with your little one as you can. If you can’t be there, call. Let your child know you care by calling on your lunch hour or coffee break to say, “I love you.”

No Breaks

Single moms deal with a huge amount of stress. Frazzled nerves and sleepless nights can lead to a short temper and lack of patience. You may lose it and scream at your toddler when he smashes his cookies into your freshly vacuumed carpet. You’re only human; you don’t have to be Super Mom all the time. Take some time to rest and recuperate. Ask a parent, neighbor, friend or other family member to help out with your child while you go out for coffee, do your grocery shopping or just take a nap. Single moms have a lot of challenges to face, but they also usually have a close and rewarding relationship with their children. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Even Super Moms need a break!

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