Garden hedges can be a mix of different shrubs for added color.

Property Border Landscape Ideas

by Dawn Denmar

Borders around yards distinguish your property from the one next door, and they discourage children from cutting across the yard while playing. Depending on the type of border, it can also help keep your kids or pets safe and provide privacy. Your border landscaping will likely depend on available budget and location, but the simplest and most popular options may be hedges and raised flower beds.


Hedging is a popular choice for property borders. You can create a hedge from a variety of shrubs, including flowering shrubs. Evergreen shrubs provide year-round color, can grow high for privacy, if desired, and and can be maintained in formal, boxy shapes. Before choosing a hedge as a property option, consider whether you're prepared to spend spend time keeping them trimmed and neat. Also hedges take time to establish.


Ornamental grasses can make an unusual and striking property border throughout the year. Some grasses can grow up to 6 feet tall and add a touch of graceful movement to the landscape. If you have a water feature in the yard, you'll find grasses are an ideal accompaniment.

Raised Flower Beds

Create a number of raised flower beds along the property border line using natural materials, such as wood or stone. Choose how high you want your raised beds, and plant them with a variety of your favorite flowers or perennials.

Create Edging

If you simply want to create an edging to signify the borders of your property, use stones, bricks, lumber or railroad ties, plastic or metal, or cement pavers to make a neat line. Although these edgings are functional, can also be attractive and serve a double-purpose as edges for flower beds between properties.

Walls and Fences

If you already have walls and fences bordering your property and want to add interest and variety, while softening the landscape, use plantings. Stone and brick walls will look great if you plant cascading perennials into crevices. Fences will look appealing if you add trellises or hanging baskets, spilling over with plants and flowers. Shrubs planted in front of chain-link and other see-through fences, can add privacy and beauty.

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