Honeysuckles grow quite large when not pruned regularly.

How to Prune Loganberries

by Annie Mueller

Loganberries, a vine-growing berry plant, is a bit like a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. With a sweet-tart taste and juicy texture, they're a great choice for summer snacking, pie-making, or preserving. If you're growing your own loganberries, you need to prune your loganberry vines for healthy growth and best berry production.

Pinch off new growth vines at the tips, after 2 to 3 feet of lateral growth in the summertime. This will keep them from becoming to leggy and floppy, and will encourage healthy growth and berry production rather than allowing the plant to expend all its energy on longer vines.

Mark the fruit-bearing vines. You only want to prune the fruit-bearing vines, so mark the vines as you pick the berries so you can easily identify them. Use a piece of colored tape or a marker in an obvious spot on each vine.

Prune as soon as the last berries have been picked. Don't wait until the leaves have fallen off and the plant is entering dormancy. It's best to go ahead and do the pruning as soon as you've gotten those last berries.

Prune the vines which produced the berries (the lateral growth vines) by removing them completely. Use pruning shears to clip the vines off at the base.

Provide support for the remaining vines. Check that the vines have a fence, trellis, or other support system in place to prevent them from falling over or breaking.

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