Singer Miley Cyrus became a punk-rock style icon after she cut her hair short.

Punk-Rock Chick Hairstyles

by Angela Bakke

Glam punk-rock is one of the hottest fashion trends in hairstyles for girls and women. The bold styles and fierce haircuts work for both short and long hair. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your next hair makeover or looking for new ways to wear the cut you have, a punk-rock look is just an attitude and style shift away.

Faux Hawk

It doesn't get more fashionably chic than the faux hawk. This hairstyle is typically shaved short on the sides and left long in the middle section, which is styled high-up on the head. If you have the courage to don this look as well as the face for it -- meaning you have strong, asymmetrical facial features -- you are all set to rock this truly on-trend hairstyle. A faux hawk is best for the young and rebellious or anyone working outside of the corporate world -- artists, students, musicians. Unlike some other popular glam punk hairdos, you can alter this style to fit more conservative occasions. It's a true statement style.

Long Punk Styles

You don't have to cut your hair short to achieve a punk-rock look. For those of you who feel better with long locks but want a punk edge, use the assistance of good braids and rock-n-roll hair accessories to create a long-haired punk look. Braid one side of your hair away from your face to give the appearance of having one-half of your head shaved short, leaving the other side down and messy. Accessorize with a silver, metal-studded headband, or wrap a spiked metal hairband around a low, unkempt ponytail.

Asymmetrical Cuts

If you have long hair and bangs you're a great candidate for a modern mullet, which is a very fashionable punk-rock trend. Wear deep, blunt bangs straight across your face, and keep the rest of your hair long and straight. Skip the traditional tapered pieces that bridge the gap between your bangs and your longest layers. The asymmetry is what gives this hairstyle an edge.

Color Me Punk-Rock

The quickest and boldest way to take your hairstyle into punk territory is a splash of a bright neon-hued hair color. There are products on the market that allow you to paint or spray a pop of bright pink, green or blue color for a day or two. Temporary hair painting kits don't penetrate the hair. They simply coat the outside of the hair shaft until you wash. For very precise streaks of color -- especially for face-framing -- opt for the paint-on technique. A mascara or eyeliner-like applicator helps you put the color exactly where you want it. Spray-on paint works just like hairspray. It's an aerosol spray that you shake and spray on the hair you want colored. A new trend in punk-rock hair coloring is the chalk streaking trend. Just add a little water to the colored hair chalk, and rub it on the hair you want colored. For a longer lasting, more vibrant color-job or if you are looking for more serious coverage, see a professional colorist for a semi-permanent hair dye.

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