Do your little ones love puppies?

Puppy Dog Crafts for Toddlers

by Kelly Sundstrom

Little children just love cute, fuzzy puppies, so why not make puppies the theme of a few craft projects for your toddlers? You don't need an actual puppy in order to make puppy crafts. All you need are a few everyday household supplies, a sprinkle of glitter and a dash of creativity. Best of all, you can satisfy your toddler's interest in puppies without having to go get one to keep as a pet.

Paper Puppy Crafts

Do you have a lot of excess paper laying around your house? Turn all of that paper into a puppy craft! If you have printer paper, cut out two long strips and staple them into a ring that fits around your toddler's head. Cut out two tear-drop shapes and staple them on opposite sides of the ring, and you have a cute set of paper puppy ears that your little one can wear to pretend to be a puppy dog. Help your toddler color the front of a paper plate using crayons or washable markers to look like a puppy's face, and glue on ears you cut out from brown construction paper to make a sweet paper plate puppy dog that your child can hang up on the refrigerator.

Food-Based Puppy Crafts

Does your toddler seem to dislike anything you try to feed her? You can turn this around by showing your little one how to make a puppy dog out of her meal or snack. So what if your child is playing with her food, as long as she eats it, right? For example, show your toddler how to push pretzel sticks into a banana with blueberry ears to create a fruit snack puppy dog. Or, make a puppy pizza by decorating a mini pizza with different toppings in the shape of a puppy's face and ears.

Painting Puppy Crafts

Toddlers just love to get their hands messy with paint and art supplies. Instead of simply allowing your little one to smear the paint all over a sheet of craft paper, show him how to make a cute puppy dog print with it. For example, press your child's hand upside down on top the paper, then give him a paintbrush and guide his hand to paint a puppy's face on the handprint. You can also press your toddler's thumb on a sheet of paper repeatedly, then draw a puppy face, ears, legs and a tail on each thumbprint to make a puppy family.

Pom Pom Puppy Crafts

Face it, pom poms are so fluffy and soft that your toddler might pretend that they are puppies without having to turn them into a craft at all. However, to really make your pom pom puppified, glue together two pom poms that are at least 2 inches wide using craft glue, and let the glue dry. These will be the body and head of the puppy. Cut out ears, feet and a tail from felt fabric and glue them on to the pom pom body and head to create a cute little pom pom puppy.

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