Cakey or fudgey, brownies are a delightful bridge between cake and cookies.

How to Put Chopped Semi-Sweet Baking Squares on Brownies

by M.T. Wroblewski

Go ahead -- indulge yourself. In the same way a girl cannot have too many purses or pairs of shoes, nor can she have too much chocolate on top of her favorite brownies. So if most or all of your brownie batter is already in the pan, and you're eying a heaping pile of chopped semi-sweet baking squares, why let them go to waste? Use some creative ways to make a monument, of sorts, to brownies and your love of chocolate.

Spread half your brownie batter in a prepared pan. Then, place the chopped semi-sweet baking squares on top of the batter. Cover the squares with the rest of the batter so the squares bake into the brownies.

Scatter the baking squares on top of all of the brownie batter. Arrange the squares in an uneven mosaic so they emerge from the oven looking like a piece of art. Some of the squares will dip into the batter, but they won't plunge, either.

Melt some peanut butter in a small saucepan, then add some crispy rice cereal. Spread this mixture over cooked and cooled brownies, then top with the semi-sweet baking squares. This creates a crunchy cookielike topper to your brownies.

Let your brownies cool off for a few minutes, until you can poke fork holes in them without disturbing the quality of the slices. Pour some caramel ice cream topping over the brownies so some seeps into the brownies while some remains on top. Arrange the baking chocolate pieces on top of the caramel in clusters.

Swirl cream cheese frosting on top of the brownie batter or drop it in dollops, then layer with your chopped baking squares. Use store-bought frosting in a pinch or whip up a batch of your own with cream cheese, sugar, an egg and a splash of vanilla extract.

Spoon some cherry pie filling or cherry preserves over your baked and cooled brownies, then top with the chopped semi-sweet baking squares. For a true monument, swirl the cream cheese mixture on top of the brownies, then add the cherries and then the chopped chocolate squares.

Items you will need

  • Peanut butter
  • Crispy rice cereal
  • Caramel ice cream topping
  • Store-bought frosting or cream cheese, sugar, egg and vanilla extract
  • Cherry pie filling or cherry preserves

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