Breakfast burritos offer something for every appetite.

What to Put Inside a Breakfast Burrito

by Kathleen Gasior

Tasty, portable and adaptable to endless variations, the humble burrito can be a busy mom's best friend -- and it's not just for dinner anymore. The breakfast burrito is so popular that even restaurants are offering it as an option, but you can serve up tastier and healthier versions right from your own kitchen. Send your family off into the great big world armed with a full tummy and great nutrition.

Yogurt and Fruit

For young kids, a breakfast burrito made with flavored yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit is a sweet way to start their day off with protein, calcium and a serving of fruit and bread. This means that they not only get something tasty, but a meal that will stick with them until lunch. To add a bit of healthy fat, add chopped walnuts or almonds or a little toasted coconut before you wrap it up. Out of tortillas? Try a pre-made whole wheat pancake.


If you've had a breakfast burrito, chances are you've had one with egg and cheese. If your kids will eat a scrambled egg, they will be happy to snap up a breakfast burrito with shredded cheddar or a slice of American cheese. For more adventurous palates, you can add salsa or creamy dressing and chopped or ground turkey sausage. Cook the sausage the night before to cut down on prep time in the morning. Simply assemble, pop in the microwave for 30 seconds and you'll have a hot, hearty breakfast to go.

Cheese and Beans

If your family goes crazy for enchiladas at dinner, try a breakfast burrito with cheese and beans. The combination of beans and cheese will give your kids a complete protein to fuel them through their morning, plus calcium and potassium. For added flavor, mix the beans with a little mild salsa, ranch-flavored seasoning mix or barbecue sauce.

Veggies and Cream Cheese

When you're packing up leftover vegetables from dinner, put some aside for breakfast. Mix shredded carrots, chopped cucumber, sweet peas, scallions or corn with whipped cream cheese to make a healthy and tasty start to your day. Make a simple flavored cream cheese by mixing in a dry soup or salad dressing mix. Before you wrap it up, sprinkle with sea salt and feel confident that your kids will get some veggies in their first meal of the day.

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