Lip Tar offers opaque coverage for bold lips.

How to Put Lip Tar On

by Hilary White

If you're tired of tube lipsticks and bored with tinted glosses, you might want to venture into a different style of lip color with an Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics product called Lip Tar. Whether you're looking for a new daily wear product or want to try out a bold new look for a special occasion, learn about a new generation of pigments for your pucker and how to wear them.

About Lip Tar

Made by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Lip Tar is a highly pigmented, long-lasting liquid lip color that comes in a tube. Lip Tar goes on with a consistency similar to lip gloss but dries to a lightweight, semi-matte satin finish. Lip Tar is a cruelty-free, vegan product that contains botanical emollients, including hemp oil, peppermint oil and Vitamin E. Lip Tar comes in a wide array of colors, ranging from traditional reds and pinks to nontraditional hues, like bright blue, metallic green and yellow. Different colors of Lip Tar may also be mixed together to create your own shade.

Lip Application

Make sure your lips are thoroughly moisturized, and apply Lip Tar with an angled lip brush. Squeeze out a tiny bead onto the center of the lip, and blend outward toward the lip line. Only a very small amount is needed to fully cover the lips with opaque color. Blend concealer around your lips to cover any smudges and define the lips. You may find using a lip liner preferable with some of the more pigmented shades or to help keep the color from bleeding beyond the lip line. Let the color dry for a semi-matte finish or top with oil-based lip gloss for a shinier look. Avoid glosses with silicone, which are incompatible with Lip Tar formula.

Other Uses

Applied sparingly with your fingers over moisturized skin, Lip Tar can also double as a blush. Because it is so highly pigmented, Lip Tar can also be used as a face and body paint. Avoid using on the eyes or in the eye area, as these products contain peppermint oil that can cause irritation.

Lip Tar Pros and Cons

Lip Tar offers ultra-pigmented, opaque lip color that is long-lasting. Because you need to apply so little, one tube can last a long time. Lip Tar comes in more than 45 colors, both matte and metallic, that can be mixed to make just about any color you can dream up. Natural, hydrating oils help keep lips from looking dry or chapped, which can be a problem with long-lasting lip color.

If you want natural-looking, sheer color, Lip Tar may not be for you. This product needs to be applied with a lip brush, which takes a bit more time and practice than swiping on lipstick or tinted gloss in a tube. You may also have to wear lip liner. Removing Lip Tar can take a bit of time and effort, as well. Shades are often discontinued, making finding an old favorite a challenge.

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