Netting keeps a pond clean and protects fish from predators.

How to Put Netting Over a Pond

by Jessica Westover

Although a garden pond brings interest to your yard, it also adds to your maintenance chores. Throughout the year, the water's surface collects debris, such as flowers, seeds, leaves and twigs falling from nearby trees, shrubs and flowers. Spreading netting over the pond before flowers fade, seeds disperse or leaves drop, stops the debris from reaching the water and reduces the time needed for cleanup. Instead of needing to skim the pond daily, cleaning the net once every seven to 10 days will be enough.

Lay two PVC pipes across the pond, dividing its surface into thirds. Rest each of the pipes' ends on the pond's border so that pipes sit above the water's surface.

Spread the pond netting out over the pond on top of the pipes. Lay one edge of the netting on the ground just outside the pond's border. Place rocks on top of this edge of the net to secure it in place.

Pull gently on the edge of the net opposite the anchored side, removing any slack so the netting rests on the pipes without hanging in the water. Anchor the netting's edge to the ground with rocks in the same manner as before.

Anchor one of the two remaining sides to the ground with rocks. Tug gently on the last side in the same way as before to remove any slack and ensure that the net remains above the water's surface. Anchor the last edge with rocks.

Items you will need

  • 2 PVC pipes
  • Rocks


  • Instead of using PVC pipe to lift the net above the water's surface, place a beach ball in the pond's center and cover it with netting to create a tent over the pond.
  • Cut slits in the net that correspond to the position and width of any tall pond plants so that their foliage may extend above the net's surface.


  • Periodically remove the leaves and debris from the net's surface to reduce the weight, which may damage the net or cause it to drop into the water.
  • Remove the netting before the water freezes in winter.
  • Keep small children and pets away from the pond while it has netting over it.

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