Eyeglass nosepads are wearable items that eventually need replacing.

How to Put Silicone Pads on Eyeglass Frames

by David Lipscomb

Eyeglass nosepads are designed to keep eyewear firmly on your face -- and make them more comfortable to wear. Over time, the small pads that hold the glasses to the bridge of your nose can break or wear to the point where they become ineffective. Replacing these pads with hypoallergenic and flexible silicone nosepads is fairly straightforward with the right tools and a steady hand.

Lay a clean cloth on a firm yet soft surface, such as a mousepad on top of your desk or kitchen table. Ensure that the space is well-lit, because you will be working with small parts -- and even smaller screws.

Using an eyeglass kit screwdriver, unscrew the small screws holding the nosepads to the glasses. Set aside the screws to avoid losing them.

Pull off the old nosepads without bending or breaking the mounting arm. A small amount of adhesive may be keeping the pads in place.

Peel off any adhesive backing on the new pads. Stick each pad to its respective mount. Even screw-mount pads use a small adhesive backing to aid in keeping it in place on the mounting arm prior to inserting the screw.

Slide the original screws through the new pad into the receiving hole on the bracket.

Tighten each screw with the screwdriver. The slots in the heads are very small; do not overtighten the screws to avoid stripping the heads.

Items you will need

  • New silicone nosepads
  • Clean cloth
  • Small eyeglass kit screwdriver

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