Twinkle lights create a mystical glow beneath a table.

How to Put Twinkle Lights Under a Table

by Kathy Adams

Twinkle lights add an air of mystique to just about any room. Secured to the underside of a table, they add a hidden ambient glow, setting the tone for a special event or get together. Clips designed for organizing cables hold the light strands where you'd like them to go, working on any table made of wood or laminate. For a metal or glass table, or one made of any other material that you can't poke a hole into with a thumbtack, adhesive Christmas light clips do the trick.

Locate an outlet near the table to determine which table leg is closest to the outlet; this leg will hold an extension cord as it runs from the outlet to the table's underside.

Place a cable clip under the table near this table leg by pushing a thumbtack through the hole in the clip aligning the loop so the light strand can run through it parallel to the tabletop. If you are using an adhesive Christmas light clip, remove the backing from the adhesive pad and stick the pad under the table, with the hook of the clip positioned so it will support the light strand under the table.

Plug a short extension cord into the wall and run it along the ground and up the nearest table leg. Hold the cord in place by securing it with a zip tie a few inches from the bottom of the leg and another near the top.

Install cable clips or Christmas light clips every 12 to 18 inches along the perimeter of the table's underside, as done in Step 2. Make sure some clips are near the corners if using a square or rectangular table to allow the light strand to make the turn from one side to another without draping down.

Plug the light strand into the extension cord, then fit the cord through each successive clip by pushing it in place, keeping the light strand snug up against the underside of the table as much as possible. If some of the strand is left over after wrapping the entire underside of the table, wrap the extra back around where you began, clipping it in place.

Items you will need

  • 8 to 12 loop-style cable clips or adhesive Christmas light clips
  • Thumbtacks
  • Extension cord
  • Twinkle lights
  • 2 clear zip ties


  • You don't need an extension cord if your light strand has a lengthy span of wire containing no lights; this way the light effect stays under the table rather than traveling toward the table and up the leg. Otherwise, seek out an extension cord just long enough to go from outlet to the table without much left over.
  • You can use battery operated twinkle lights in place of the plug-in variety; keep extra batteries on hand if planning to have them lit for many hours.
  • If one light strand is not long enough to wrap the entire perimeter of the table, connect it to a second strand.

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