Healthy snacks for soccer players provide energy for the game.

Quick Healthy Snacks for the Kids' Soccer Team

by Julie Revel

Whether the kids are fueling up before the big game or grabbing a quick snack at halftime, a mom can never be too prepared with some tasty and nutritious snacks. The key to a successful snack is having no-mess finger foods that will provide kids with enough energy for playing.

Hydrate With Fruit Kabobs

Soccer players lose a significant amount of water as they sweat throughout the game. It is important to replace lost fluids by properly hydrating both before and throughout the soccer game. A fruit kabob is a sweet way to stay hydrated without artificial sugars. Fruits such as watermelon, oranges and grapes are excellent fruits to help prevent dehydration.

Refuel Carbohydrates With Mini Sandwiches

Carbohydrates provide kids with the energy they need throughout the soccer game. Whole grain bagels filled with peanut butter or jam and cut into four pieces are simple to prepare and are perfectly sized for a handheld snack. For an extra treat, add fresh fruit slices to the sandwiches to create a variety of flavors. The bagels and peanut butter provide complex carbohydrates that will be gradually broken down into glucose for sustained energy. Also, the fruit in the sandwiches provides simple carbohydrates that are available as a more immediate source of energy. Fiber from the fruit and the whole grain bagel helps make a person feel full.

Power Up with Trail Mix

Snacks that are high in protein help to provide the building blocks necessary to grow strong muscles. Athletes need more protein than non-athletes because of the large amount of energy they need to play. Trail mix features, among other ingredients, dried fruit and mixed nuts such as peanuts, almonds and cashews. These nuts in addition to seeds are excellent sources of protein for sustained energy. Trail mix, which is an easy snack to prepare and eat, also provides fiber. With so many ingredient options available, you’ll never run out of nutritious and creative trail mixes to make for your players.

Sweeten the Finish with Banana Muffins

Kids never turn down a sweet finish after a long soccer game. Banana muffins make a healthy snack, providing a source of fiber and a punch of potassium that can help prevent cramping in tired legs. Consider substituting oil in the recipe with a healthier alternative such as yogurt or applesauce for a treat the kids are sure to thank you for.

Food Allergies

Before distributing any snacks to the soccer team, always ask the parents and coach about children's food allergies. If a child is allergic to a specific food, a simple substitution of ingredients will allow the child to feel included in snack time without missing out on a delicious treat.

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