Fun activities can accompany discussions about racial unity.

Race Unity Activities for Kids

by Wannikki Taylor

Your child may one day come to you with questions about why other people in his school or neighborhood have different skin tones. Take this opportunity to discuss race with him and explain to him that though people have varied ethnic backgrounds, they can still live in harmony and become friends. Utilize different learning tools to teach him about racial unity.

Arts and Crafts

A craft activity will allow your child to use simple materials to create items promoting racial equality. Let her create a unity hand print wreath to represent the diverse skin tones among the human race. Have her trace her hand print on construction paper closely resembling actual racial skin tones such as beige, brown and tan. Have her cut them out and paste them together overlapping to create a wreath shape. For a different approach, have your child create an interlocking paper chain using strips of varied construction paper.

Snack Time

Snack time can serve as the ideal opportunity to teach children about race unity. Set out a red apple and ask your child to name the color of the apple. Then, set out a green apple and have her name the color of the apple. Let her take a bite from each apple and look inside. Explain to her that people are just like apples, since we may be different colors on the outside but we are all a part of the human race and have the same insides. You can use red skin and white potatoes as an alternative to apples.

Traditions Discussion

Traditions among people of different races may vary but can also be quite the same. Have your child discuss the way he celebrates a holiday with a friend of a different race. They can share what things they like to do or eat on a specific holiday. Regardless of the types of holidays, both children will find they do many of the same things to celebrate, such as opening presents or eating a specific type of food. Explain to your child that all races of people share commonalities. As a different idea, introduce your child to the traditional dance of another culture and emphasize that people of all races use dance to express themselves.

Diversity Garden

A garden consists of flowers and plants in varied colors, shapes and sizes. Growing her own miniature garden will emphasize the principle of racial unity. Have her turn an egg carton into a garden by tearing off the carton's lid and placing different types of seeds and soil in each egg holder. She can place the egg carton near sunlight and water them each day until they begin to grow. Your child will have an array of flowers in her completed garden. Tell her that the diversity of the flowers makes the garden beautiful just like the many different ethnic backgrounds create a unified human race.

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