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The Best Rated Preschool Curriculum

by Kelly Sundstrom

When you decide to home school your child, you might find it completely overwhelming to try and pick out the perfect curriculum. At least you have so many great curricula to choose from, though! Instead of wasting money on preschool materials that you will end up feeling unhappy with, consider looking into the best-rated preschool curriculum. After all, your child is worth it!

Best Christian Preschool Curriculum

Christian homeschooling curricula provide your preschooler with an education that interweaves elements from the Christian faith into a standard subject curriculum that includes math, English, science and history. When you look for a great Christian preschool curriculum, try to stick with the tried and true materials, instead of materials that have yet to be tested by other parents. Some of the most popular and most loved include the Bob Jones, Alpha Omega and Sonlight curriculum programs. Bob Jones features video lessons along with workbooks that allow your child a chance to see an actual teacher; Alpha Omega offers both a workbook-based curriculum and an online curriculum; and Sonlight puts together many different materials to create a well-rounded Christian program for your preschooler.

Best Montessori Preschool Curriculum

The Montessori approach suggests that children naturally learn on their own if they have access to the right materials. If you prefer the Montessori approach, you might feel overwhelmed trying to put together an entire Montessori curriculum like that seen in a Montessori classroom. However, many companies now produce a packaged curriculum for home schoolers that features a solid, traditional Montessori base. NAMC offers one of the best Montessori curriculum programs for preschoolers out there. It also boasts a program for teacher's certification from home that you can earn while you home school your child.

Best Waldorf Preschool Curriculum

The Waldorf approach emphasizes imagination while allowing children to remain in the ethereal realm of childhood for as long as possible. At a typical Waldorf school, rhythms become predictable, children and teachers only use natural materials, and storytelling fills most lessons as a way to teach through imagination. If you intend to recreate a traditional Waldorf experience at home, find a Waldorf homeschooling curriculum whose design is based on the Waldorf philosophy. The three most popular and most well-loved Waldorf homeschooling curricula out there include Live Education, Christopherus and Oak Meadow. If you find you have a difficult time working with a Waldorf curriculum, try to find other homeschooling parents who use these materials to get help.

Best Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Curriculum

The Charlotte Mason approach places an emphasis on teaching children organically and naturally. Parents read books aloud, children take nature walks and keep a nature journal. Many parents choose to combine the Charlotte Mason approach with other forms of homeschooling because it can work fluidly with other materials. Although often pieced together by each parent, some companies do offer a packaged Charlotte Mason curriculum, such as WinterPromise.

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