No matter the challenges, you love your kids.

Reasons Mothers Love Their Children

by Kathryn Rateliff Barr

When your child says, “Mommy, I love you. Do you love me?” your heart likely melts as you shoot back in a heartbeat, "Of course I love you." While the levels of oxytocin your body produces during the birth process might nudge the bond between you and your child along, most moms want to love their children and do -- whether they give birth to them or not. This is true even on days when your child makes you want to pull out your hair in frustration. Loving kids is what most moms do naturally.

Your Love Makes Them Adorable

Because moms bond so deeply with their kids, they typically see them as absolutely adorable -- and perfect little creatures. It doesn't matter if by most standards your child's ears are too big or his hair too fine. As his mother, you likely love him unconditionally -- and because the attachment you feel with your child reaches beyond physical appearance, you don't see flaws, but instead only recognize the beauty of the love you feel. You see your child as adorable when he's sleeping, playing, running up to you for a big hug, bringing you a flower that's really a weed, or even when he's covered in mud!

They're Biologically Linked

Your child is a part of you. Perhaps, when you look at your little one you see your own smile, her dad's nose, your grandmother’s toes, or your mom's green eyes. That blend of DNA makes this child uniquely yours. Or, if your child is adopted, you can still see that she holds her head the way you do when you’re thinking, or she clears her throat the way her dad does when he doesn’t really want to tell you something. Your child watches you and it rubs off in cute and distinct ways -- ways that strengthen the love you feel for your child.

They Need You

Your child needs you -- and you respond to that need with your love. Human babies aren’t born like giraffes, falling out of the womb head first and having to run to survive. You cuddle and nurture your little one, even once he declares that he’s a big boy because you know that he still needs you. You also know that he will still need you when he’s grown, just in different ways -- so your love for him never quits or even diminishes.

They Try Hard

Your little one likely tries hard to please you, wanting to be what you want her to be, even if she trips up once in awhile. You know this in your heart -- and you love her for it. You see how she imitates what you say and what you do. And you can see the disappointment in her face when she feels she failed you. You might explain that you love her unconditionally, but when you see those little eyes fill with tears when she doesn't get something quite right, it tears at your own heart, reminding you just how much you love her.

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