Mix your red pants with complementary colors.

Red Pants Outfit Ideas

by Mercedes Valladares

Hollywood celebrities are generally photographed by paparazzi on a daily basis with their style choices scrutinized under a microscope. For those that enjoy celebrity watching, getting a glimpse of trendsetting looks is often viewed as fashion eye candy. Though on-trend red pant ensembles -- also referred to as red denims -- can be intimidating to most that are unsure how to style the vivid color, borrow celebrity looks and dare to re-style your red pants with your everyday wardrobe. Since red denims are a fashion statement, choosing tops, accessories and footwear colors changes the overall look of the red pants.

T-shirts, Blouses, Shirts and Jackets

For settings where "fire-engine" red pants are not deemed appropriate, pair the attention-grabbing bottoms with a white V-neck tee and dark color jacket or blazer. This combination instantly tones down the bright color. For weekend wear, pair the red denims with a cropped black leather jacket and solid tee. For a hipster look, replace the solid with a graphic-driven tee. Given that red color tones vary, combine bright red shades with medium to dark stone-wash denim or chambray shirts.


Given that colored denim, twill and canvas have been on-trend for several seasons, the red color fad has inspired pant manufacturers to use the color in different silhouettes, including capris -- bottoms that hit above the ankles. Combine this relaxed look with a white shirt and ballet flats or with a striped top and denim jacket. As an alternative, on casual days wear animal patterned red pants or dark red bottoms with a chunky tunic length sweater. For a playful summer time look, wear a lightly colored patterned top with the capris.


Inject animal prints into your red pant outfits to break up the color. For example, pair a leopard print belt and pumps or platform shoes with the red pant. As an alternative, wear a dark color patent leather belt. Use the same concept and pair an animal print handbag. For cool nights out on the town, wear item garments like a faux fur vest with your red pants.

Shoes and Boots

For those women that dare to wear red but still feel a bit apprehensive, choosing shoes or ankle booties in dark shades shifts the focus to your footwear. For instance, if you are wearing a white bomber jacket with black trim, wear black booties to accentuate the overall ensemble. This is especially important if you do not want to highlight your hip area in bright red tones. Be mindful that wearing a dark colored top and footwear generally highlights the red pant, and wearing a bright color top like fuchsia draws the attention to your upper body. The beauty of the red denim look is the many shades that are available, ranging from bright red to borderline-burgundy and dark red.

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