There are simple steps you can take to help you tame your unruly child.

How to Regain Control of Your Children

by Felicia Nelson

Is your child driving you crazy? Maybe he won't quit throwing toys, screaming when he needs to take a bath or pulling his sister's hair? Is he loud, obnoxious, rude or just plain mean? If your child sounds like the the aforementioned, then it's time to take back control and regain a sense of stability and happiness within your child as well as yourself. It may sound daunting now, but there are steps you can take to rein in your child's behavior and help him become a better behaved, happier individual.

Lay It Out

Sit your child down and tell him that his behavior is not acceptable and that it needs to change immediately. Let him know exactly what he is doing wrong and how you expect him to behave from now on.

Tell your child that if he continues to behave poorly then there will be consequences each time he acts out of line. For example, every time your child throws a toy, you will give the toy away to a child in the neighborhood.

Stick to your game plan and don't back down. If your child acts in a way he is not supposed to, follow through with the appropriate consequence or punishment.

Behave the way you would like your child to behave. When your child sees you acting the way he should act, he will pick up your cues and start to behave better as well. For example, if you want your child to stop screaming all the time, then you need to stop screaming as well. When matters get heated, instead of raising your voice, talk to your child in a calm, civilized manner. If tensions still rise, then turn around and walk away before giving into old habits.

Get another parent or trusted adult to help you tame your child. If he won't listen to you, perhaps authority from another adult figure will help get him to settle down and behave accordingly. Let the adult know that you are having issues with your child listening to you and doing as he is told and that you would really appreciate some help if possible.

Make a doctor's appointment to have your child evaluated for mental disorders such as ADHD or ADD if your child has not responded to any other techniques. If a mental disorder is causing your child to behave badly, then medications may be able to help him get his behavior in check.


  • Let your child know how his actions are hurting you and the family. Chances are he doesn't know how much his behavior is negatively affecting your mental stability.


  • Never get into physical altercations with your child when his behavior gets out of hand. If things get too intense between the two of you, walk away and find another reliable adult to help you get your emotions under control before taking action to correct his behavior.

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