Talk to your preschooler about reindeers during the craft project.

Reindeer Themed Projects for Preschoolers

by Zora Hughes

Once preschoolers learn how to sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," you can bet that poor little reindeer will be on their minds the whole holiday season. It's the perfect time to teach him some simple and engaging reindeer crafts. Keep the craft projects simple and short so that he doesn't get frustrated or lose interest before it is completed.

Hand and Foot Reindeer

For a very quick and simple reindeer craft, trace your child's foot in shoes on dark brown construction paper, then trace her hands on light brown paper. Cut the shapes out and have your preschooler glue the hands to the top of the shoe shape to create the antlers. Use googly eyes and a red fuzzy ball for the eyes and nose. Help her cut out a smiley mouth to complete the reindeer.

Reindeer Ornament

Your preschooler will be proud to hang these homemade reindeer ornaments on the Christmas tree. First, paint several clothespins brown and let them dry overnight. Once dry, glue two clothespins, open ends pointing downward, together to create the reindeer legs. Glue a third clothespin, open end pointing upward, to either end of the other two clothespins, about halfway down, to create the face and antlers. Use googly eyes and a small, red fuzzy ball nose to create the face. Loop a string behind the face for hanging as an ornament.

Reindeer Crown

Turn your preschooler into a reindeer for a day with his own reindeer antlers. First, cut a strip of brown construction paper, about 2 to 3 inches wide, long enough to fit around your child's head without slipping off, and staple the ends. Help your preschooler trace his hands and cut out two light brown hands for the antlers. Glue craft sticks to the back of the hands to keep them upright, then glue to opposite sides of the brown strip to create the antlers. Check to make sure it fits your child's head and adjust accordingly. You can add a reindeer face on the strip if he wants it.

Toiler Paper Tube Reindeer

Save the tube from an empty roll of toilet paper for this simple reindeer project. First, cut one end of the tube to create four legs, equal distance from each other. Next, help your toddler paint the tube brown and let it dry overnight. The next day, use black marker to make hooves on each of the legs. Cut out construction paper eyes and use a red fuzzy ball for the nose. Finally, twist a few short pieces of brown pipe cleaner to a longer piece to create antlers. Glue to the inside of the tube on opposite sides. You can also make it into an ornament by hole-punching and adding string.

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