Finding a way to share your everyday experiences in novel ways can put the spark back into a long distance relationship.

Rekindling a Long Distance Relationship

by Nina Edwards

Your relationship with your man has been fizzling for awhile now. You’ve found that it’s difficult to keep each other happy since you live so far away from each other. You may be tempted to give up on your relationship with him thinking that it’s just too difficult to keep a long distance relationship fulfilling. However, you can try some easy ways of stoking the flames of long distance love.

Long Distance Has a Bad Rep

If you are worried about your relationship while being separated with distance, remember that there are couples living under one roof but miles apart emotionally. According to a study by Guldner and Swensen published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, distance does not impact the overall survival rate of a relationship. Rather, commitment and compromise are important factors that must exist for a relationship to stay strong. And distance makes you prove to each other that you are staying together for love.

Virtual Love

Nowadays you can stay in touch by joining the same social media websites and making sure you have video calls whenever possible. You need to keep in touch with your partner. Susan Whitbourne, Ph. D emphasizes this in her article, “Love from Afar: Staying Close While You Live Apart,” on Whitbourne states that it is important to make time for each other to get back on the same page. Technology has allowed couples to keep in touch and feel as emotionally together as possible through virtual means. Since you’re in a long distance relationship, you can make use of this technology to keep your relationship alive.

Visit Frequently

One can only stay separated for so long. It is vital that you find time to visit one another. This is especially true during celebrations and holidays. You want your partner to be there for special events such as graduation, holidays and even birthdays. Taking the time out to visit the love of your life will make him feel important. In an article on, “Keeping Love Alive in Long-Distance Relationships”, Lori Pinkerton suggests that couples visit one another at least once a month if possible.

Stay Positive

This is a problem in any relationship, regardless of the distance. However, in long distance relationships, it can become a serious issue. When an argument ensues over a distance, the chances of miscommunication are increased drastically. Perhaps this was the cause of your relationship problems with him in the past. If you will not be meeting him or talking to him for another few days, the issue might begin to stew and become something much larger. A mountain can be made out of a molehill if there is not frequent communication.

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