Sharing a laugh is an excellent way to relieve stress.

How to Relieve Stress from Your Husband's Life

by Lauri Revilla

Your role as a spouse is to be supportive of your husband in both the good and the bad times. In times of stress, you become a key player in helping him stay positive and healthy. Although you might not be able to solve your husband's problems, you can change the way he deals with them and the effect they have on his health and the family. Your unconditional love and support will help him get through difficult times.

Offer to Help

Offer to help him work through the problems he is facing. If the stress is financial, try bringing in additional income by finding a part-time job, working from home or selling items you no longer use at a garage sale. Your husband might be stressed because he is dealing with too many demands at work. Suggest that he bring home tasks that you can help him with, such as filing, data entry or organizing documents. Just knowing that you are willing to help will help your husband feel more supported and less stressed.

Get Touchy Feely

Use the power of physical touch to help reduce stress in your husband's life. The website DNA reports that researchers at the University of Vienna have found that holding a loved one stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin, which increases bonding, social behavior and emotional closeness. Hugging often results in people becoming more empathetic and can bring a couple emotionally closer. Offer a hug, caress or kiss to your husband throughout the day. This will help relieve some of his stress and help him feel that you are there to support him. Giving your husband a massage at the end of the day is an excellent way to relieve accumulated tension and relax in preparation for a good night's sleep. Massage therapy is also a proven stress relief method. The Touch Research Institute reports that massage lowers the levels of stress hormones in the body.

Lend an Ear

One of the best ways you can support your spouse is by listening. Communication in a marriage often consists of superficial exchanges of information. It is important to dedicate some time where you can give your husband space to vent and talk about the problems he is facing. Plan time each day where you both can spend private time together free of distractions and worries. Allow your husband to talk about his day and process the things that are stressing him. Be an active listener and empathize with him. Give him words of comfort and allow him to vent before jumping in and trying to problem solve his situation.

Plan Enjoyable Activities Together

Your husband needs to spend time doing enjoyable activities that will take his mind off the worries that are consuming him. Plan fun activities that you can do together. Physical activities help you relieve stress while enjoying each other's company. Studies conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder have found that exercise is very effective in reducing stress. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you help your husband and build up your own resistance to stress. Start taking an afternoon walk or run together where you can chat and enjoy nature. Join a local sports team, where you can stay active and socialize with other people.

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