Teen girls can balance their lives to prevent suffering from stress.

How to Relieve Teen Girl Stress

by Jaime Vargas-Benitez

Teen girls can be relaxed even in stressful situations but it's important for you as parents to provide her with the tools she needs to handle whatever comes her way. Listen to your teen and provide a supportive shoulder when she needs to talk. Healthy eating habits are important to your teen's emotional well-being. Many teens grab junk food when they get hungry, so provide healthy snacks and home cooked meals for your growing daughter. Exercise is another important component in relieving teen girl stress. Encourage your daughter to find an activity she enjoys. Exercise is an ideal stress reliever, so join your daughter in her workout to show added support.

Listen closely to what is going on in the life of the teenage girl. Teens are notorious for pushing parents away, so you have to be patient and understanding. Offer a supportive ear and shoulder to help your teenage girl feel supported. This leads to a decrease in stress, and a better feeling about handling life's situations for teen girls, says the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology. Teen girls face issues with self-esteem, social pressures, and are trying to figure who they are inside. When parents listen to their teens, it gives a boost to the parent/child relationship.

Provide healthy meals and snacks for a stressed teen girl. When the body is provided the nutrients it needs, it can better handle physical, mental and emotional demands. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends teen girls get 4 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of fruit a day. A serving is defined by the USDA as 1 cup of raw leafy green vegetables and 1 medium apple or banana for fruits. Teen girls require more calcium and iron due to menstruation and bone growth. These nutrients can be found in green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, and in dairy like low-fat Greek yogurt. Foods high in sugar and fat increase incidents of weight problems, depression and sugar dependency, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Find exercise options to relax tense adolescents. Teen girls find relief in physical activities they enjoy, such as yoga, running or team sports. The Centers for Disease Control recommends adolescents get approximately one hour per day of exercise. Avoid over-scheduling your teen girl, which could create more stress. The activity level needs to balance with her schedule and availability. Some other activities teen girls might find useful in stress relief are high-energy fitness classes, hip hop dance classes or swimming.


  • If your teen girl experiences periods of prolonged stress and angst, it may be beneficial to consult her physician for a physical.
  • Teen girls may prefer talking to a peer counselor instead of a parent. Offer options to the teen so she feels comfortable opening up.


  • There is a difference between stress and depression, which should be dealt with by a medical professional. WebMD lists some symptoms of depression as withdrawal from friends, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue and sadness. Regular sadness in teens is normal, but should be tempered with other emotions, not continued inexplicable sadness. If you suspect your teen is experiencing something beyond everyday stress, seek medical attention.

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