Remembering your wedding day keeps the love alive.

Remembering the Day You Got Married

by Eliza Martinez

Once the wedding is over and you settle down to married life with your spouse, it isn't long before you realize that the drudgery of each day can drown out the spark that made you decide to spend the rest of your lives together. You can't avoid bills, jobs and chores, but you can make the effort to remember the day you got married so that you stay connected to your love for each other.


Remembering the romance and excitement of the day you married your spouse helps you keep your love for each other alive. If you both focus on your careers, then do the chores and go to bed, you aren't giving each other any of yourselves and it's easy to start feeling like roommates rather than a married couple. Celebrating your wedding day and your marriage helps you both remember why you fell in love and can make the day-to-day enjoyable while also building your sense of teamwork and togetherness. This also helps you meet one another's emotional, conversation and sexual needs, according to the Marriage Builder's website.

Celebrating Your Anniversary

One of the best and easiest ways to remember your wedding day is to celebrate your anniversary each year. It might feel like just another day if you have to work, care for the kids or go to the grocery store, but making a point of commemorating the day reminds you of your love for each other and strengthens your bond. After you have dinner and catch a movie, pull out your wedding album and page through the photos together, sharing memories of the day. This ensures that your celebration doesn't feel like any other date night. To make the day special, consider doing something you don't normally do, such as having breakfast in bed, taking a cooking class or hitting up a dive bar or billiards and beer.

Everyday Ideas

While celebrating your anniversary is one of the standard ways to commemorate your wedding, remembering it all the time improves your bond and helps ensure that you stay in love during the day-to-day events of your life. Leave each other love notes, pack your spouse a lunch so he doesn't have to, make reservations at the restaurant you always picked while dating, or call each other with news during the day instead of waiting until you're home. Keep a photo of your wedding in your home, on your desk at work or in your wallet so your commitment and love for each other crosses your mind all the time, instead of just once a year.

Special Occasions

Special occasions are an ideal time to remember the day you joined your lives. Maybe you had a Christmas or Valentine's Day wedding, which makes those holidays a great time to commemorate your wedding day. Incorporate traditions to the holidays, such as breaking the turkey wishbone on Thanksgiving or having a celebration drink on your birthdays. This melding and creating of traditions specific to your marriage allows you to remember the big day, no matter how long ago it happened.

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