Remove loose coins from your washer before they damage your pump.

How to Remove Coins Stuck Inside a Front Load Washer

by Cecilia Harsch

Coins left in the pockets of your family members’ pants can often find their way into your front-load washer. The washer design does not allow you to open the door during the wash cycle to remove the coins, so you must wait until the cycle ends to remove the offending currency. Occasionally, forgotten coins make their way past the inner washtub and become trapped in the exterior washtub, drain hose or pump. You should promptly remove these coins before they cause irreversible damage to the drain pump.

Unplug your front-load washer’s power cord from the wall.

Access the drain pump on your front-load washer. Depending on the brand and model of your washer, this may require removing the entire front panel or only an access panel below the front-load washer door. See the resource section for instructions pertaining to your front-load washer.

The drain pump rests along the bottom of the washer cabinet at or near the front. Pull the wire connector from the washer drain pump.

Slide a towel beneath the pump. Use pliers to squeeze the ends of the hose clamps holding the two hoses to the pump. Slide the clamps away from the pump and over the hoses. Pull the hoses from the pump.

Remove the screws holding the front-load washer pump to the bottom of the appliance cabinet. Pull the pump from the cabinet. Some pumps secure with rubber grommets to the floor of the cabinet. Push down on the grommet to release the pump.

Look for the stuck coins inside of the pump. Gently shake the coins from the pump or use needle-nose pliers to remove them.

Trace the large, black corrugated drain hose you removed from the drain pump to where it connects to the exterior washtub. Use your pliers to squeeze the ends of the hose clamp and slide it away from the washtub and down the hose. Pull the front-load washer drain hose from the washtub. Shake the hose to remove any coins from the hose.

Pull the front-load washer forward about three or four inches. Lift up on the front of the washer cabinet to slide any coins trapped between the interior and exterior washtub toward the drain hose opening. You may need to tip the washer back and forth until the coins drop through the opening.

Straighten a wire clotheshanger if the coins did not fall from the washtub. Bend one end of the wire into a U-shape about 2 inches in length. Place a 90-degree bend in the wire about eight inches from the U-shaped bend.

Feed the U-shaped end of the clothes hanger through the drain hose opening in the exterior tub. Use the hanger to fish the coins from the exterior washtub.

Reassemble your front-load washer by reversing your disassembly steps after you extract the coins from the washtub.

Items you will need

  • Towel
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire clotheshanger


  • Some washers have a filter that catches debris before it gets to the drain pump; if the coins are in the filter, you don't have to remove the pump.

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