Read fabric care labels before adding any detergents or heat products.

How to Remove Wrinkles From a Microfiber Trench

by Mercedes Valladares

Fabric labels identify the fiber content as well as the textile type, e.g., 100-percent polyester microfiber. Microfiber textiles generally have a very soft hand -- surface smoothness -- and are wrinkle-resistant. However, that doesn't mean wrinkles cannot set in when the garment is not properly stored. With a few laundering and steaming tips, you can prepare your trench for cooler days and restore its look to its former glory.

Hang your trench coat overnight on a laundry-clothing rod or in a non-constricted area. Use a plastic or wooden hanger, and avoid wire hangers, which are prone to leave fabric markings or indentations. If your trench coat has an inner lining, leave the lining intact to add weight to the garment while wrinkles smooth out overnight.

Turn the trench coat inside out. Set your iron on a cool setting and glide in a back-and-forth motion. Periodically check to see if the wrinkles are smoothing out of the fabric.

Turn the trench coat inside out again so the right side of the fabric is facing you. Since certain microfiber textiles are prone to melting as well as leaving shine marks, cover any deep-wrinkled areas with a protective sheet. Continue to glide the iron in a back-and-forth motion over the protective sheet. If the deep wrinkles aren't smoothing out, read the care label for machine wash and dryer instructions. Set the dryer to low heat or no heat, leaving the trench in for several minutes. If you add a dampened cloth, make sure the cloth type does not lint, as microfiber acts like a lint magnet with other like garments.

Fill a garment steamer with your brand's recommended water amount while following the recommended heating time.

Hang the trench coat right-side out again on a plastic or wooden hanger. Touch the material on the right side of the trench with the steam head as you glide it in an up-and-down motion until the wrinkles begin to diminish. If you are working with an old steamer that spurts out water drops, avoid touching the microfiber, keeping the steam head approximately 5 to 6 inches away (note: Certain microfiber textiles are prone to permanent watermarks). Repeat this step until all wrinkles are smoothed out from the microfiber trench.

Items you will need

  • Laundry-clothing rod
  • Plastic hanger
  • Wooden hanger
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Protective sheet
  • Dampened cloth
  • Garment steamer

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