Replace a worn blade on Toro mulching mowers for a well-maintained yard.

How to Replace the Blade on a Toro Rear Drive Walk Behind Mulcher Mower

by Keith Dooley

Mulching mowers, such as the Toro model 20376 "Recycler," allow homeowners to choose between mulching grass clippings and bagging them for disposal. Mulching mowers cut the grass several times before depositing the mulch on the ground instead of propelling it out the discharge chute after only being cut once. Replacing the blade on a Toro mulching mower is necessary for routine maintenance and may be accomplished with a few basic steps.

Put on gloves to protect your hands while working with the Toro mower blade. Pull the spark plug wire from the spark plug and turn the Toro mower on its side with the dipstick down.

Examine the blade and take note of the manner in which it is installed on the mower spindle. Remove any debris such as dirt or mud from the blade and nuts near the center of the blade.

Loosen and remove the nuts holding the stiffener plate and blade in place. Use a socket wrench and socket to remove the nuts.

Remove the blade from the mower spindle. Obtain a replacement blade from a mower parts store or home improvement store. Place the new blade on the mower spindle in the same position as the old blade. The curve on the blade should be pointed up toward the mower deck.

Place the stiffener plate over the blade. Secure the plate and blade in place with the nuts that were previously removed. Snug the nuts in place and then torque them with a torque wrench to between 15 and 27 pounds.

Items you will need

  • Gloves
  • Brush
  • Socket wrench and socket
  • Torque wrench

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