Solar fountains will operate in your water garden whenever they are exposed to full sunlight.

How to Replace a Garden Fountain Pump With a Solar Pump

by Keith Dooley

The garden fountain in your backyard is a conversation piece and provides a relaxing spot after a long day of work or activities with the kids. When the pump in the fountain that creates the splash and gurgle you love wears out, consider a solution that does not require an electrical connection. A solar pump creates that sound you love and is a green solution by helping save energy.

Unplug the old garden fountain pump from the electrical outlet. Remove any rocks or plants that are around the pump.

Remove the pump and cord from the pond. Clear out an area in the center of the pond for the solar pump. Remove any surface algae and relocate any vegetation if necessary.

Assemble the solar fountain pump based on the manufacturer and model. Attach the extension, for example, to the top of the fountain and THE filter to the bottom.

Purge air from the fountain by submerging the entire unit except for the top extension under water. Hold the solar pump under water until all the air is purged and only water is pumped from the extension on top.

Allow the solar fountain pump to float on the water surface in full sun for a few minutes to ensure it is working properly. Select a fountain extension and head, based on the specific solar pump type, and insert it into the extension for the desired water effect.

Items you will need

  • Rubber gloves
  • Solar pump kit

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