A highboy dresser delivers practical function with aesthetic appeal in a foyer.

How to Repurpose a Highboy Dresser

by Mary Cockrill

A highboy dresser can stand up to seven feet tall and is typically constructed of two sections: an upper chest of drawers stacked on top of a drawer base supported by four legs. By repurposing a highboy dresser, you give it a use other than that of its original design -- for storing clothing items in a bedroom. Unleash your design creativity to create a new purpose for your highboy dresser to accommodate your household needs.


Your home's entryway provides an ideal spot to relocate a highboy dresser. Separate the top and bottom pieces of your highboy to design an attractive foyer table. Affix a frosted glass tabletop to the bottom section of the dresser for a one-of-a-kind furniture piece. The base drawers provide ample storage space for outdoor clothing accessories, such as mittens, scarves, stocking hats and gloves. Situate a decorative bowl atop the dresser to toss your keys, coins, wallets and other small items into upon entering your home. Hang a mirror on the wall behind your highboy, allowing you to quickly check your appearance upon exiting or entering. Perch a decorative table lamp on one corner of the dresser to brighten your entryway with soft illumination. Place a vase of fresh flowers on the opposite dresser corner to increase your foyer's visual and textural appeal.

Dining Room

Move your highboy dresser to the dining room to give it a new lease on life. The piece offers ample space for stashing table linens, silverware, napkins, candles and other small dining-related items. Give it a new coat of paint to complement your existing furnishings and color palette. Pristine white paint offers a fresh cottage appeal, while a dark espresso hue creates a transitional look that lies somewhere between traditional and contemporary design. Exchange old dresser hardware for brushed nickel handles and knobs to update and enhance almost any decorating style.


Give a highboy a new purpose in your bathroom. The top drawers deliver plenty of space for storing assorted towels and washcloths. Remove the bottom drawers of your dresser to create a large open area. Line the empty area with fabric for a decorative, finished appearance. Position one or two large, woven baskets inside the bare space to conceal bath-related items, such as toys, extra bars of soap, tissue or lotions. Top your highboy dresser with a potted fern flanked by white vases to deliver a spalike feel.

Home Office

Put a highboy dresser to work in your home office. Remove the drawers in the upper dresser section and install adjustable shelves for storing books and binders. Add hinged glass doors over the bookshelves to deliver a finished look while protecting your books from dust. Use the bottom drawers to store paper goods, such as spiral notebooks, stationery and legal pads. Place an organizer tray inside one of the dresser drawers to hold small office items, such as paper clips, rubber bands, thumbtacks and writing utensils.

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