The respect you show your partner will demonstrate your commitment to him.

How to Respect Your Partner

by Kristen Moutria

Showing respect for your partner is an essential part of having a lasting and fulfilling marriage. According to Peter Gray, author and research professor at Boston College, it may even be more crucial than love for the success of your relationship. Learning how to demonstrate respect for your spouse will increase your marital satisfaction, bring the two of you closer together and keep your marriage strong for many years to come.

Thank Him for What He Does

Thanking your spouse for everything he does for you and your family is a way to show him the respect he desires. In his book "Love and Respect", Author Emerson Eggerichs suggests thanking him for his advice, knowledge and good decisions, while resisting bringing up the mistakes he has made in the past. Showing him you appreciate everything he does for you will motivate him to keep working hard and let him know that he is worthy of your respect.

Demonstrate Goodwill

Give your spouse the benefit of the doubt. By doing this, you are making your relationship safe and secure, according to Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs and Susan Mathis from "Focus on the Family." Believe your mate's intentions are good, and even when she makes a mistake, let her know that you still treasure who she is and respect her decision-making abilities.


Being willing to compromise in your marriage allows you to show respect for your spouse because you are honoring his desires as well as your own. The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center states that compromise brings flexibility to a relationship and keeps it from disintegrating. You may want something that your spouse does not, but occasionally sacrificing and letting him have his way will show respect for both of your wishes.

Validate Your Spouse

Validate your spouse's needs, fears and desires. The University of Evansville reports that learning about the other person in a relationship and valuing what is important to them is the key to a healthy partnership. Try to understand your spouse's point of view, and listen to her when she confides in you. By showing her that you can be trusted, you respect her privacy, and demonstrate the ability to validate her emotions.


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