The Weed Eater prototype was made from fishing line.

How to Restring the Weed Eater VIP

by Elizabeth Sobiski

Weed Eater brand offers large line of lawn and garden tools for homeowners. Trimmers, including the VIP models, are the reason the company is in business. In 1972, a businessman in Houston attached fishing line to a soup can and put it on his manual rotary trimmer. Today, Weed Eaters are strung with 0.065-inch diameter nylon string. The string is wound around a bobbin and can be replaced in a few minutes.

Place the Weed Eater VIP on a solid work surface such as a table or work bench. Make sure the trimmer is unplugged. Clean away loose dirt, grass or other debris from the cutting head. Locate the tabs on each side of the trimmer head.

Use one hand to hold the trimmer in place and the other hand to depress the tabs and pull the head assembly off the trimmer. Inside the head assembly is the bobbin spool.

Remove the bobbin spool from the head assembly. Remove any old line from the spool. Cut a 30-foot length of new nylon string with the utility knife or scissors.

Insert one end of the string though the hole in the top of the spool where the old line was removed. Holding a 1-inch section on top of the spool, wind the new line around the spool. An arrow on the spool indicates which direction to wind the string. Leave the last 1 foot of string unwound.

Feed the 1-foot section through the opening in the head assembly. Reattach the head assembly to the trimmer, lining up the tabs to snap into their original position. Feed the trimmer line through the eyelet on the trimmer body at the same time.

Items you will need

  • Utility knife or scissors
  • 0.065-inch nylon trimmer line


  • Use work gloves to keep hands clean while you work.


  • Make sure to use the correct diameter nylon string for your trimmer. Using a larger diameter string can cause damage to the unit. The diameter is usually listed on the trimmer head.

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