Rethreading a hoodie can be done quickly and permanently with a wire hanger.

How to Re-Thread a Hoodie Hood Tie

by Michael Briggs

Hoodies are casual, often-worn clothing items that can easily lose their drawstrings in the dryer or washer. Often times, getting the hoodie tie back into a hoodie can be frustrating and costly if it is done incorrectly and ruins the hoodie. However, with a couple minutes and the use of a wire coat hanger, the process can be quick and your hoodie will be back better than ever.

How to use a wire hanger to rethread your hoodie tie

Untwist the coat hanger until it is a long, straight wire.

Take one end of the hoodie tie and tape it to one end of the wire.

Insert the end of the wire with the hoodie tie into the string hole.

Slide the wire through the hoodie until the end of the wire reaches the other hole on the hoodie.

Remove the wire from the hoodie tie and double knot each side of the string to prevent it from falling out or getting stuck in the hoodie.

Items you will need

  • Wire coat hanger
  • Tape


  • You can move the wire through the hoodie in a variety of ways, including sliding and scrunching.


  • Make sure that the wire hanger is as straight as possible and be gentle when sliding the wire through the hoodie to prevent it from tearing into the hoodie.

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