Zumba DVDs can help you work up a sweat and burn calories.

A Review of the "Zumba Fitness: Total Body Transformation System" DVD Set

by Danielle Clark

Getting to the gym when you have children can prove problematic at times. A remedy for this is working out in the comfort of home. Workout DVD sets are a dime a dozen, but the Zumba Fitness: Total Body Transformation System boasts a fun, fat-burning workout geared towards both fitness and your overall health. The Zumba workout DVDs incorporates Latin-inspired dance movements to give you a head-to-toe cardio workout.

About the System

The system not only contains four DVDs with workouts, but you’ll also receive a sample weekly menu filled with healthy recipes for each day you are on the program, a weekly workout schedule, a booklet containing a Zumba overview and a stretch guide. The DVDs included in the set are: Zumba Fitness Basics Workout, Zumba Fitness 20-Minute Express Workout, Zumba Fitness Cardio Party Workout, Zumba Fitness Sculpt and Tone Workout, Zumba Fitness Flat Abs Workout and Zumba Fitness Live! Workout. Two 1-pound toning sticks are also included, to use during the Zumba Sculpt and Tone Workout DVD.

Space and Equipment

You’ll need a little space to perform the Zumba fitness DVDs. With certain steps, you’ll be moving to each side approximately 4 feet and also forward and backward 4 feet. Overall, you’ll need at least 8 feet by 8 feet to have enough room for all dance moves in the DVD collection. You will not need any additional equipment, but you’ll need a good pair of non-slipping sneakers, a towel and plenty of water.

Calories Burned

The Zumba website does not give a specific amount of calories burned during a workout. Much of this depends on other factors such as body type, composition, intensity and range of motion, according to Zumba.com. However, Zumba is a form of fast-paced dancing, and you can burn 360 to 532 per hour depending on your weight, according to Harvard Health Publications.


The Zumba Transformation System isn’t just your run-of-the-mill fitness workout program. It includes material on stretching and eating, and specific step-by-step dance move instructions. You may not be able to pick up the cardio moves immediately, but the instructional DVD is specific and slow enough so that you can work at your own pace before performing a whole routine.


The Zumba DVDs may prove challenging for those who aren’t use to aerobic or dance classes in general. The dance moves are fast paced and require a good deal of coordination to perform. The toning sticks are great for those just starting out, but are only 1 pound. Women used to heavier weights may find the toning sticks too light.


Before starting any exercise program, consult your physician. If you are pregnant and new to Zumba, you may want to shelf the DVD set until after baby is born. It may be feasible to continue with a Zumba program during pregnancy if you were using it beforehand. You can modify the routines and avoid impact by keeping one foot on the ground at all times, marching instead of jumping and avoiding quick turns, suggests fitness guru Tracey Mallet on Babycenter.com.

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