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How to Get Rid of Dots on Your Legs

by Tarah Damask

When you glance down at your legs -- legs that were once pretty uniform in color -- and realize they have acquired a smattering of less-than-desirable dots, it's time to get to the bottom of the problem. To get rid of dots on your legs, start by determining the cause, be it a sudden reaction, daily irritation or a mixture of aging and excessive sun exposure. Making simple changes in your beauty regimen according to the issue will help the problem to clear up.

Razor Irritation

If you notice that red, irritated dots or bumps seem to appear on your legs after shaving, you are probably dealing with what is often referred to as razor burn. Avoid this common irritation by shaving with a razor that includes no more than two blades, suggests InStyle Magazine. Shave at the end of your warm shower or bath so hair is soft and pores are open. Rather than creams, reach for lubricating shaving gel formulated for sensitive skin and shave in the direction that the hair grows for the least aggressive, irritating method. If you just shaved and your legs are already irritated, skip shaving for a couple days until the skin calms down -- then start fresh.

Heat Rash

When temperatures heat up and you're wearing clothing that's a bit too binding -- super tight skinny jeans or leggings -- your legs get hot and sweaty and your body may react by breaking out in a rash called heat rash or prickly heat. If your legs are covered with dots that look like red bumps or blisters and may or may not itch, it's probably just your legs crying out for air. Run them under cool water and take an antihistamine or apply anti-itch cream if the rash is bothersome. Fortunately, these dots will disappear on their own, provided you ditch the tight clothes and reach for looser, more breathable fabrics.

Sun Spots

If those dots on your legs aren't red or bumpy but simply a different pigment than the rest of your skin, you're likely looking at skin discoloration as a result of sun damage -- especially if you have a history of worshipping the sun. You can deal with pigmentation changes in a variety of ways. First, treat the problem with creams formulated to lighten skin and to break up and fade these darkened spots. Second, exfoliate your legs in the shower with a chargeable exfoliating brush. You can also cover the dots with a leg-shine bronzer, concealer or self-tanner for immediate results. However, if you're not seeing results or if you notice a raised dot that looks irregular in shape or that changes over time, make an appointment with a dermatologist.

Bug Bites

Just a few itchy dots here and there after spending time outside in warm weather? You may be dealing with bug bites, such as mosquito bites. Resist the urge to scratch, unless you want permanent dots from scarring. Treat existing bites with anti-itch cream, such as those with the active ingredient hydrocortisone. Prevent future problems by slathering on some bug repellent before heading outdoors and your legs will likely remain free of swollen dots.

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