Electrolysis lets you realize your dream of zero facial hair.

How to Get Rid of Facial Hair Permanently Without Lasers

by David Lipscomb

No woman enjoys excessive facial hair. Laser treatments are one option, but they can be painful, expensive and impermanent in many cases. Electrolysis is a method of permanent removal, requiring a few sessions to complete. However, once the visits to the doctor or electrolysis professional are over, you shouldn't expect any facial hair to return to the treated area.

Set the Appointment

Setting up a visit with a doctor or certified electrolysis professional is required to get a feel for cost and the number of visits. Although the costs will vary to some degree between service providers, normally you shouldn't have to go more than once a week for a prescribed duration to get results. Your adviser will also give you tips on how to reduce excessive hair growth in the interim, such as reducing stress levels, shaving instead of tweezing and possibly medicating to counter imbalances. Note that you might have unusual hair growth if you're pregnant or just from the normal aging process, which your doctor or electrolysis professional can discuss with you.


This process involves a tiny needle inserted between the skin and hair, directly into the follicle. A small high-frequency current coagulates the hair follicle, and although you shouldn't feel any pain, if you can tolerate the heating sensation then the more effective the treatment. Over time, the hairs will grow back progressively thinner than before, until they eventually fail to return altogether.

Galvanic Electrolysis

This process uses a needle as well, only this time supplied with a small electrical current. When applied directly to the follicle, the charge encourages the formation of lye, which in turn eventually prevents the follicle from producing hair. This procedure is less frequently used, since it takes a little longer and is often reported as uncomfortable. Locate a licensed galvanic electrolysis technician to ensure the process is in fact permanent.

Blending Process

Using a combination of electrical and high-frequency waves to destroy the follicles, blends are used to open the pores further, allowing the galvanic process to more thoroughly destroy each follicle. Although each treatment takes longer -- since each hair must be treated for a greater duration -- the amount of sessions are often reduced, since each treatment tends to be more effective.

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