Toddlers should be secured in their bicycle seats.

The Safest Bicycle Seat to Use for Toddlers

by Heather Topham Wood

Taking a toddler out for a bicycle ride is fun for both parent and child. From his seat, the toddler can experience nature while you get in a workout. When choosing a toddler bike seat, safety needs to be a top priority. Because falls occur when riding a bike, ensure that your toddler is safe in his seat.


The two types of toddler bicycle seats are front-mounted and rear-mounted. The front-mounted type goes in front of the rider while the rear-mounted type is set behind the rider of the bicycle. Front-mounted types are the safest for your toddler because they allow you to watch your child while you ride. You will not feel the need to take your eyes off of the road to check on the child. Moreover, you can attempt to break your child’s fall if he’s positioned in the front seat.

Safety Standards

The type of toddler bicycle seat should meet all of the safety standards in the industry. According to Consumer Reports, the seat purchased should be labeled as following the ASTM International Safety Standard F1625. That means the bike seat has undergone rigorous testing to ensure your toddler will not be at risk when using the seat. Another thing to keep an eye out for is recalls on toddler bicycle seats. The Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps an up-to-date listing of all products that have been recalled on the U.S. market.


To keep the toddler safe, follow some guidelines before riding with him. For one, he should always have on a helmet. Secondly, loading and unloading the child can make the bike unstable. If you have someone around to help stabilize the bicycle, it will help prevent accidents. Practice riding with the bike trailer before tackling more treacherous terrain. The weight of the bike seat could easily throw off your balance and affect how well you maneuver.

Additional Options

Besides a bicycle seat, you have the option to use a bike trailer when carting along your little one. Bike trailers are often preferred because most models have a hitch that will prevent the trailer from tipping over in the case the bicycle falls. However, if you plan to ride amid high traffic, trailers can become dangerous if motor vehicles are unable to see it.

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