Sitting quietly on the bus is an important field trip safety rule.

Safety Tips for Kids Going on a Field Trip

by Shelley Frost

A field trip gives your little learner a hands-on way to explore topics she is learning in the classroom, but she also faces certain safety risks. Since she will be away from the controlled environment of school means that she is exposed to dangers such as getting lost or injured. Weather conditions can also affect your child's safety. Before she climbs on the bus for her next field trip, you can prepare her for an enjoyable and safe experience.

Stay Updated

Typically, the school sends a note home that has relevant information about the upcoming field trip, but last-minute changes could happen. Staying on top of the latest field trip news enables you to make changes for your child. You should receive a notice if the date or details of the field trip change, so check your child's backpack frequently. Remind your child to let you know of any changes the teacher mentions in class. A call or email message to the teacher a day or two before the trip is another way to verify changes that could affect how you pack or dress your child for the trip.

Pack Proper Supplies

You have the supply list for the usual school day down to a science, but being away from school for the day often means your child will need extra items on field trip day. Refer to the note for the required items she will need before she boards the bus. This might include the permission slip, money for admission and a sack lunch. Some schools use matching shirts. so students are easy to identify as part of the group. If the field trip location is out of doors, the weather report is the best way to determine how to dress your child. Protection from the sun and insects with lightweight long sleeves and pants keeps her safe. Sunscreen and a hat that blocks her face also helps with sunburn prevention.

Follow Safety Rules

A review of field trip safety rules preps your child for her adventure with the class. She will most likely ride on a bus to the destination, so review the basics of getting off and on the bus, as well staying seated. Hygiene is a habit kids sometimes forget. Remind your child to wash her hands well before she eats lunch, since the field trip will likely put her into contact with a variety of germs. A small package of hand wipes gives her an option if the field trip location does not provide easy access to restrooms.

Stay Alert

An alert child who pays attention to her surroundings and her teacher is better able to stay safe on a field trip. With all of the excitement of visiting a new place, it is easy for kids to wander off or miss important instructions for the teacher. Remind your child to know where her teacher or tour guide is so that she stays with the teacher or guide. If the kids get to pick partners for the field trip, encourage her to choose someone who will help her be responsible rather than a friend who might distract her. Practice staying calm and waiting for the teacher or guide to come find her if she does get separated from the class.

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