Hang a string of large shells to the side of a sheer curtain as a simple beach-inspired window treatment.

Seashell Window Treatments

by Renee Miller

Windows provide a useful canvas to showcase coastal touches, regardless of the room's overall decor. Simple seashell embellishments enhance a wide range of decor styles, while more overt adornments create a focal point, transforming the entire space to reflect a beach-style design scheme. Attach shells sparingly to curtains you already own, or use hundreds of shells to create a new window treatment altogether.

Sheer Coastal

Create a window treatment reminiscent of soft billowy clouds hovering over sandy beach shores. Lay sheer curtains on a flat surface. Attach lightweight seashells to the curtains with craft glue. Glue the shells intermittently over the entire width and length of the curtains. Slide the sheers over a tension rod and hang inside the window frame.

Groovy Seashell Bead Curtains

Gather between 100 and 300 seashells. Use fewer seashells to create a purely decorative window treatment; use more for a beaded curtain that also blocks light. Lay the shells on a piece of plywood. Drill holes into the shells using a diamond bit and slow rotation.

Cut fishing line three feet longer than your window. Thread it through the first shell and double-knot. For decorative purposes, space the shells 2 inches apart, knotting each one as you go. For a true curtain feel, knot each shell directly on top of the previous shell on each length of fishing line. Make a loop at one end of each strand and hang them over the hooks in a traverse rod.

Coastal Dreams

Replace traditional curtain rods with driftwood. Install 6-inch drapery rod brackets on each side of the window. Position a driftwood branch across the brackets, using floral wire to tie it securely to each end. Lay a vintage fisherman's net on a flat surface. Hot glue a wide variety of seashells to the net. Once the glue is dry, drape the fishing net over the driftwood, adjusting the length and position of the net until you are satisfied with your window topper. If you are unable to obtain driftwood, birch tree branches are a satisfactory substitute.

Mood Lighting

Create a window treatment that offers subdued lighting. Drill holes through clam shells. Tie each shell to the cord between each bulb in a strand of clear lights. Use floral wire or clear fishing line to tie the shells to the strand of lights, steering clear of flammable threads or cording. Wind the lights and shells around your curtain rod, allowing them to drape down each side of the window.

Seashell Trim

Embellish the hem of burlap or linen curtains with seashells. Drill holes through your seashells and set them aside. Thread a size 22 chenille needle with 9 inches of raffia and push the needle through the front of the hem, leaving a few inches of raffia exposed. Loop the needle back through the front, as close to the first hole as possible. Remove the needle and tie one of the shells to the hem, using the two ends of the raffia to make a simple knot. Continue this pattern across the bottom of the hem, leaving 2 inches between each shell.

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